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20161007T1233 5692 CNS MOVIE REVIEW BIRTH OF NATION 250Gabrielle Union and Colman Domingo star in a scene from the movie "The Birth of a Nation." (CNS photo/Fox)

NEW YORK (CNS) -- Nat Turner's Rebellion, an 1831 insurrection among the enslaved people of Southampton County, Virginia, represented the most serious challenge of its kind ever posed to slavery in the antebellum South.

20160817T1558 0040 CNS MOVIE REVIEW BEN HUR 800Jack Huston stars in a scene from the movie " Ben-Hur." (CNS photo/Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc)

NEW YORK (CNS) – Few films come to the screen with the kind of storied pedigree that lies behind "Ben-Hur" (Paramount).

20160728T1129 0760 CNS MOVIE REVIEW JASON BOURNE 800Matt Damon stars in a scene from the movie "Jason Bourne." (CNS photo/Universal Pictures)

NEW YORK (CNS) – Nearly all of the characters in "Jason Bourne" (Universal) are under surveillance, being hacked or in the gun sight of a government assassin.

20160714T1109 4626 CNS MOVIE REVIEW GHOSTBUSTERS 800Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones star in a scene from the movie "Ghostbusters." (CNS photo/Sony)

NEW YORK (CNS) – Few films released over the last several decades have embedded themselves as firmly in the public consciousness as the 1984 comedy "Ghostbusters."

20160506T1107 3171 CNS MOVIE REVIEW CAPTAIN AMERICA 800Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan star in a scene from the movie "Marvel's Captain America: Civil War."(CNS photo/Disney)

NEW YORK (CNS) – Newcomers to the Marvel Comics universe may find themselves bewildered by the turbulent adventure "Captain America: Civil War" (Disney).