July 20, 2024

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5 exercises to do at home every day

5 exercises to do at home every day

Knowing how to lose weight once and for all is a very popular task among people who have gone through the famous “accordion effect”. That is, that moment in life where you do everything in your power to train and eat, Get a more athletic body Then it falls back to square one.

This is usually because the methods used to lose fat are not always sustainable in the long term. People subject themselves to aggressive practices, with crazy training and restricted food. The result comes, but it does not hold together. Therefore, losing weight forever is not an easy task. It is necessary to have persistence and patience. The mind should be prepared for a new lifestyle and not for a passing project.

Whoever wants to lose weight forever should choose Practical and fun physical activities. Something that doesn’t become a boring commitment but is fun and easy to do. As physical educator and teacher Leandro Twain says, it is better to do the second most efficient exercise in the world, throughout the year, than to do the first exercise for only three months.

So, we consulted with physical educator and personal trainer Lana Pessoa, who has separated five Good exercises to do at home, without the need for equipment, which will increase your daily calorie consumption. The main factor for permanent weight loss. paying off:

1 – squat jump

Do a squat with your knees and hips bent, the glutes facing back. However, when going up, make a jump. “It’s a powerful exercise to start the streak. In it, we have a high caloric expenditure, as we move the body as a whole (legs, abdomen, arms to give strength when climbing). We work in a local way, strengthening, mainly, the legs and buttocks,” says Lana.

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2 – racing stopped

You should stand still and mimic the steps of the race, raising your knees as high as you can. “Running has a high caloric expenditure, and when you push the heels into the ground to raise the knee, the movement in the glutes is enhanced,” the specialist continues.

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