May 30, 2024

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5G starts working in Brazil!  Find out what's changing with technology

5G starts working in Brazil! Find out what’s changing with technology

The long-awaited sign 5G internet has arrived in Brazil This is Wednesday (6). According to the information received from the Chancellor and Vice President of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Moisés Moreira, the signal was launched in Brasilia at this first moment. Check out the changes with 5G.

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After all, what is it and what changes with 5G?

Also according to Moreira, the next capitals in which the technology will be launched will be Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and São Paulo, with no date set at the moment. The information was also disclosed by Agência Brasil.

Originally, the notice for the 5G auction, which was held in November last year, provided that all capitals would be serviced by a 5G phone until July 31. However, chip shortage issues and delays in the production and import of electronic equipment related to the Covid-19 pandemic have delayed the schedule.

In practice, 5G is a new Internet signal band. This means that users will be able to send and receive information through this type of signal, which still lacks a lot of traffic. For this reason, 5G will have a much higher speed than any other type of internet and will allow for significant advances.

What will the 5G signal allow from now on?

The great thing about 5G is the increased connection speed, which allows you to explore many new digital possibilities.

To give you an idea, travel apps (like Uber and 99) weren’t possible until after the launch of 4G. With the 3G range, it was not possible to make this type of application viable. At the time, the stage was called Industry 4.0.

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With 5G, self-driving cars will take to the streets more easily, and it will be possible to increase the capacity of video clips and streaming platforms. New electronic devices will gain extraordinary functionality and more equipment will appear. Internet calls should become the most popular way of conversation, and video calls will be even better.