July 24, 2024

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A mysterious monolith is found in the desert of Las Vegas, USA

A mysterious monolith is found in the desert of Las Vegas, USA

Police found the object on Monday (June 18) at Gas Peak, the city’s highest peak.

A Las Vegas Police, Nevada (USA), on Monday (June 18, 2024) a mysterious object was found on Goss Peak. It is the highest peak of a North American city, at 2,114 meters above sea level.

The monolith, reflective and rectangular in shape, is different from common finds in the region and has sparked speculation on social media about its origin and purpose.

“Mysterious monolith! When people go hiking, we see a lot of strange things like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water… But look!”While sharing the photos, the police wrote.

According to officials, the object was found north of the canyon over the weekend.

Check out the images below.

Similar monoliths have appeared around the world since the late 2020s, with locations as diverse as Utah (United States), the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom), and Romania. The authorship of the latter was claimed by the art committee A very popular artist.

However, in announcing the discovery, Las Vegas police did not provide details about who installed the object or whether it was still in place.

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