July 24, 2024

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A US-based businessman highlights the strength of flamenco in the country

A US-based businessman highlights the strength of flamenco in the country

After visiting America for a second time to participate in a pre-season, Flamengo left its roots on American soil. During an Intelligence Ltda podcast, Alejandro Pessini, a Brazilian businessman who has lived in Orlando since 1997, expressed the Rubro-Negro relationship with the place.

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Peccini was surprised by the sales of the store Flamenco opened in Orlando. As soon as Mais Querido launched its new 2024 uniform, all products were sold out.

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Fla was in town earlier this year and FC took part in the series, defeating the Philadelphia Union 2-0 and drawing 1-1 with Orlando City. Earlier, in 2019, Flamengo emerged champions by playing in the Florida Cup against Ajax and Eintracht Frankfurt.

“We were privileged to have it and today we have a good relationship with Flamenco. He is our tenant here in the mall in Orlando. He has a store outside the country and sells Flamenco shirts in Orlando. There are customers who buy. We ran out of stock in January with the new Flamenco shirt,” said Alejandro. .

Find a Flamenco store in Orlando, USA

A Flamenco-owned Nação Rubro-Negra store opened in Orlando in April 2022. Through the establishment, Mengao received the mayorship of the American city there and the recognition of April 4th as Flamenco Day in the United States.

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“It is a great achievement. First store outside of Brazil. This shop has a special cherry. At the opening ceremony, we received a title for our flamenco, and in this case April 4th is the International Day of Flamenco in the United States. This is the title we received from the US authorities. The mayor was in the store,” store CEO Marcos Zumba told Fla TV.

According to Zumba, 100,000 Brazilians live in Orlando, which is why the store gets so many visits. However, Americans are also interested and tend to buy flamenco products. It’s worth noting that the new uniforms will go on sale in Orlando on the same date as the launch in Brazil.

The training program in the country was initiated by Flamengo

In June of this year, Flamengo announced another move to get closer to America. The club will promote an unprecedented initiative aimed at internationalizing the brand. Fla will host Soccer Camp, an intensive training program for children ages six to 17 (born between 2006 and 2017).

The Flamengo Soccer Camp 2024 will take place between July 29 and August 2 in Orlando, Florida.