July 20, 2024

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A video clip of the family’s reaction to the dog’s return has gone viral on the internet

A video clip of the family’s reaction to the dog’s return has gone viral on the internet

A puppy named Brownie has happiest netizens after returning home after nearly a week of missing out. A video posted on social media shows the animal entering alone through the gate of a family residence living in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the enthusiastic reaction of the teachers upon seeing the little animal safe and sound made the record spread worldwide.

Brownie disappeared on March 29, telling his owner, Stephen Beltran, in posts on networks that as soon as they realized the pup was no longer in the garage of the house, they began a long process of searching to discover his home. their whereabouts.

Brownie teachers posted pictures of the puppy online and did several searches around the neighborhood.

Photo: personal archive

“We spend a lot of days searching, days we don’t sleep, days we don’t eat,” Beltran told news site The Dodo. “All we can do is think of a brownie.”

He said that the fear and despair that something bad might happen to the little one struck the hearts of the people in the house who did not give up hope of finding him.

“We put up posters all over the neighbourhood, made posts about the disappearance and shared it on social media, but no brownie showed up,” the teacher said. Until the surprise of the family on the night of April 4th, they had a pleasant surprise.

The pup finally found his way home on his own and the house’s exterior security camera was captured the moment he entered through the front gate.

The video also shows the reaction of the family whose members were caught celebrating a lot, jumping and screaming with joy and also screaming with happiness.

“The return of the chocolate cake is indescribable,” Beltran said. “We are happy to have him back.”

The family even gave interviews to many news outlets and TV shows in Argentina, Panama, Venezuela and the USA. The animal ended up receiving various gifts, such as bones, toys and sweets.

After panicking and resting at home already, Brownie won many gifts, such as toys and games for dogs - clone / instagram - clone / instagram

After panicking and now in the comfort of home, Brownie received many gifts, such as toys and treats for dogs

Photo: Playback / Instagram

The family even created a puppy profile on Instagram after the reunion. In one post, Brownie “thanked” everyone who helped share his photos on social media for helping him find him and get home:

“Thank you to all the people who shared my photo day and night. Thanks to this video, it went viral and my story was published in many news and asked for interviews.”

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