July 20, 2024

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AMD and Nvidia Graphics Cards Prices Finally Drop

AMD and Nvidia Graphics Cards Prices Finally Drop

After a long period of shortage video cardsresulting in a series of high prices in the industry, products Back to the shelves With more friendly personalities. According to the sites the edge And Tom’s devicesthe component values ​​suffered a average low 30% we past three months.

The nvidia RTX 3090, released in September 2020, had its launch price we1499 USD. In December of the same year, its value jumped 38%starting cost 2076 USD. In March 2021, the increase was even greater, with a final price of $2,985. In April 2022, on the other hand, the component was found by 1,837 USD.

Even the RTX 3090 costs 38% more than its list pricesource: Disclosure / Nvidia

Indeed My God The RX 6800 XT, which cost $649 when launched in November 2020, has arrived 1,555 USD In March 2021 – a different version of 139%. Now, the graphics card is slightly above its initial value: the average price was in April 2022 $869.

Console price hike

The price drop also affected the value of the next generation consoles. The X-Box The S series, for example, whose price was on the list $299 At launch, it was sold for 471 dollars abroadValues 57% higher. In April of this year, the console reached $249.

Finally, PlayStation 5 with Disk Space Announced by $499 In November 2020 and a month later it was already costing more than double: 1,024 USD. This month, the product has already appeared for 703 dollars.

In Brazil, a shortage of inventory has led to consoles disappearing from shelves and reselling them High values ​​over the past year. Currently, it could be PS5, Xbox Series X, and S already found most often Within the launch values ​​- in the case of the S series, it is even more common to find the product at lower prices.

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