July 24, 2024

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America has a plan to become a nuclear power;  I know which one

America has a plan to become a nuclear power; I know which one

The US Congress on Wednesday (19) approved a bill aimed at promoting nuclear energy in the country, which accelerates the deployment of versatile and advanced nuclear power for clean energy (ADVANCE, in English for its acronym). Information from on the edge.

Now, President Joe Biden’s signature plan is set to become law. The Senate approved the plan after the Chamber of Deputies approved a similar plan in February.

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ADVANCE is expected to accelerate the development of next-generation nuclear reactors, helping the aging reactors operate while leading the US in the international market.

Nuclear power is still a divisive solution to reducing climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, but it has gained bipartisan support in recent years.

Nuclear energy is considered a useful complement to clean energy sources such as solar energy (Image: Jaroslava V/Shutterstock)

Details of legislation to increase US nuclear power

  • Through the new legislation, the Department of Energy (DOE) will simplify the approval process for international exports of US nuclear technology;
  • Additionally, DOE should reduce regulatory costs for companies seeking to license advanced nuclear reactors;
  • Incentives will also be created for successful implementation of these technologies;
  • The law also tasks the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) with creating a “fair” path to licensing small reactors and former fossil fuel generating sites;
  • Finally, the legislation would expedite the licensing review of new reactors at existing nuclear power plants and streamline the environmental review process.

The plan has not been immune to reactions from environmental groups who support or oppose nuclear power.

Nuclear power is seen by some as a way to complement fluctuating renewables like solar and wind, a sustainable energy source that doesn’t produce planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions. However, there are groups concerned about the health and environmental risks associated with nuclear power.

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“As we continue to decarbonize our nation’s energy system and respond to growing energy demand, we need every option available, and nuclear power will play a critical role in ensuring we can meet these challenges,” said U.S. Federal Policy Director Evan Chapman. said in a statement sent to on the edge.

The United States is focusing on strengthening its nuclear power generation (Image: Christian Swier/Shutterstock)