July 19, 2024

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American Express USA issues a card for Brazilians

American Express USA issues a card for Brazilians

Good news for Brazilians. From now on, it is already possible to apply for an American Express Card in the United States debt Brazilian. Thus, American Express and Nova Credit formed a partnership that allowed them to consult on Brazilian credit history through the Cerosa Experian. Thus, American Express USA issues your credit card to Brazilians.

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American Express USA issues a card for Brazilians

First of all, the new thing is very welcome, represents a big step, you still have to live in the US to get the card. In fact, you will need to have a US phone number and address, as well as a verification account to pay the bill generated by spending on the card.

However, while the US current account opening path is the best choice, there is currently a nomad account option. It can be opened directly in Brazil, and since it is a US account it allows you to pay for a new card.

Finally, when deciding which card to order, the best recommendation is to choose an “in” credit card, especially the American Express Delta Skymills Blue or the American Express Hilton Honors card. This is because both are exempt from the annual. These cards do not charge any foreign transaction fees unlike Blue Cash Everyday. In this case, all purchases you make outside the United States will be taxed at 2.7%.

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