July 20, 2024

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Angelica poses with her daughter with Haq in the US: “Happy”

Angelica poses with her daughter with Haq in the US: “Happy”

Angelica shows family trip to America

Issuer Angelica He opened the photo album to show the family having fun traveling to the United States. With her husband, host Luciano Hugh, and their three children, popular landscapes and walks in the parks and museums created in New York City.

Angelica And Hugh have been married since 2004 and have been together for 18 years. The union produced three beautiful fruits and the presenters were the parents of two boys, Joachim and Benicio, aged 17 and 14, and Eva, a nine-year-old girl. The younger appears to be the mother’s great grudinho and the editor’s company in most of the films,

“A happy week … peace in the family”, the artist announced when he started posting clicks on his official profile on the social network. She posed smiling next to her husband from the top of a skyscraper that can be seen very famous in the famous American metropolises.

On a family trip, there are many classic tours of the tour guide. The mother and daughter posed in front of the theater where the Harry Potter play was being played and drove through Central Park. The iconic park was the scene of many of the editor’s recordings. Sunset clicks, video of squirrels running through trees, footage of street artist and Eva playing on the carousel are all inside one of America’s postcards.

Two teenage sons, Joachim and Benicio, appeared on some recordings. They actively posed with their mother and their parents and sister inside a museum. This photo is of it Angelica, Hugh and Eva laugh excitedly. The presenter used his daughter’s company to enjoy every moment! She made her daughter laugh when she put on the brakes while getting off the slide at the ice cream museum. Eva accepted the tour and she really jumped into the pool full of fake sprinkles! At the end, the presenter thanked the trip and said, “Thank you for keeping me like this.”

Instagram Reproduction Angelica and Eva pose together on a trip to the United States

Angelica, Hugh and their children pose on a trip

Instagram Reproduction Angelica, Hugh and their three children pose on a trip to the United States

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