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Animal health plan: What is it, how does it work and how much does it cost?  - animal life

Animal health plan: What is it, how does it work and how much does it cost? – animal life

Health plans are usually limited to dogs and cats, but there are options that include other types (Photo: Canva/Creative Commons)

Care health For the animal is one of the main functions of the private teacher. Regular visits to the vet, exams and even surgeries, as well as the purchase of medicines, require high investments and are not always affordable. By observing this situation, many companies have started offering pet health plans, which perform the same functions as the agreements offered Humans.

Mara Pereiraan employee of a company in the field, believes that the main benefits are safety, quality assurance of service and no hesitation in pricing as needed.

“The plans are cooperating a lot in terms of the financial resources of the breeders of animals undergoing treatment, since a series of services are already guaranteed for only a monthly fee, which becomes recurring in the event of an emergency. Illness‘, he explains.

Because it’s a largely new service model, not all clinics and professionals serve the health plans available in the market, so confirming plan coverage is one of the first steps to confirming whether the investment is worth it.

From a veterinarian’s point of view Amanda Freitas, a clinic coordinator that deals with this type of care, the best plan is the one that offers the most coverage. “In this way, the teacher ensures that there are no problems with releasing the proceedings, finding approved places and, most importantly, ensuring the quality of care,” he asserts.

Health plans often offer medical consultations, tests and procedures (Photo: Canva/Creative Commons)

Health plans can offer medical consultations, tests and procedures (Image: Canva/Creative Commons)

Mara realizes that the main failure among teachers when choosing a plan is the failure to ensure that the service provided meets all their demands. “If he wants to neuter Your pet in a few months, for example, you need to make sure that the plan includes surgical procedures. In addition, we cannot help but fail to assess the limitations and shortcomings of each element,” he says.

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Amanda also suggests getting to know at least some of the organizations approved in the plan to avoid future surprises. “If possible, go to the service to meet with specialists, and see which institutions are near you, especially 24 hours, who will be responsible for helping your partner in an emergency,” he warns.

What is the price?

The most complete plans that offer the service excellent And a wider range of clinics, specialists, and treatments are often more expensive. However, there are package options starting at BRL 60 per month with basic coverage. On average, brokers usually cost R$140 and the most premium ones can exceed R$250. It should be noted that the values ​​vary according to the contracted service and the age and needs of the animal. animal.

The trend is to increase costs in relation to age and health needs, so experts recommend that teachers look for these options at the initial stage of the pet’s life.

In this way, the patient is monitored from the start. This follow up thanks Queries Routine examinations, prevention of future diseases, and early treatment are ensured. Nothing prevents an animal from having a lifetime health plan, but in these cases, the plan doesn’t cover certain previously diagnosed diseases,” warns Amanda.