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Monday, April 23, 2018

Arts/Media News

Mary Burkett works on a sketch Feb. 2 near a window in her home in West Columbia, S.C. Burkett has created a collection of portraits of children killed in the Holocaust that she calls "Beloved: Children of the Holocaust." (CNS photo/Christina Lee Knauss, The Catholic Miscellany)

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. (CNS) -- Mary Burkett never had formal art lessons. Drawing was something she resolved to try as a hobby in January 2017.She decided to sketch the face of a little boy she saw in a black and white photo on the internet. To her surprise, Burkett was able to produce his image on the paper with amazing ease.

20180312T1136 15321 CNS SCHOOL VANDERBILT MENTAL HEALTH 800Mike Mitchell, an art teacher at Father Ryan High School in Nashville Tenn., and Dr. Meg Benningfield, a child psychiatrist at Vanderbilt University, pose in a late January photo. The two are working together to have art students at the high school create blocks depicting different emotions to be used in children's counseling sessions. (CNS photo/courtesy Father Ryan High School) NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CNS) -- Projects evolve in different ways.

20180306T1020 737 CNS GREGORIAN CHANT RESURGENCE 800St. John the Beloved music director James Senson plays the piano while guiding members of the choir through a Gregorian chant during an Oct. 8 rehearsal at the McLean, Va., church. Gregorian chant is the singing of the liturgy and its texts are almost entirely scriptural. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)WASHINGTON (CNS) -- James Senson grew up in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area in the 1980s and his exposure to music in his home parish sounded remarkably similar to the tunes played on popular radio stations in the region.