September 28, 2023

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BBB 22: Arthur annoyed by Tado Schmidt's speech and refutation of the presenter: 'We don't have much of a difference'

BBB 22: Arthur annoyed by Tado Schmidt’s speech and refutation of the presenter: ‘We don’t have much of a difference’

BBB 22

In Yesterday’s Elimination (29), of the BBB 22, Tado Schmidt hailed Lucas’ victories in the reality competitions.

Arthur Aguiar saves Tado Schmidt's speech in last night's liquidation (29)
© Reproduction / TV GloboArthur Aguiar saves Tado Schmidt’s speech in last night’s liquidation (29)

Lucas Bisoli Filtered on Tuesday (29), on a wall BBB 22. The medical student left the most watched house in Brazil with nearly 80% of the vote and one of the highlights of that night was his speech Thaddeus Schmidt Who contemplates the wonderful performance of a wink in exams reality show.

While Thaddeus praised the brother’s performance, Arthur Agyar He expressed his dissatisfaction with the presenter’s speeches and stated that he was doing well in dynamics such as Bisoli. In a conversation with allies in the early hours of Wednesday (30), Myra Cardi’s husband commented on the matter.

“Oh Thaddeus He said Lucas was the biggest champ in competitions, but we don’t have much of a difference, because he won six and I won five,” he noted. It should be noted that it was not the first time Arthur had been bothered by comparisons in an audition. Another time, the actor stated that he had won auditions more than Paulo Andrewhich turns and moves are cited by other competitors.

“In my opinion, your (lollipop) vision of the game was always very distorted, even in relation to the strongest of people. You hit the switch that deprivation Very strong, he only won two contests, I won five contests and no one talked about me, Carioca complained. Today (30) the leader’s party is organized and tomorrow (31) the test is conducted to determine who receives immunity and the power to refer to the brother directly to Wall.

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