July 24, 2024

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BBB22: Brother pissed off at Douglas Silva’s request: ‘I can’t stand you anymore’

BBB22: Brother pissed off at Douglas Silva’s request: ‘I can’t stand you anymore’

The barbs marked the end of the party that took place at BBB22. In the early hours of this Thursday morning (7), Douglas Silva And the Gustavo Fell into the grunge room.

It all started when the actor asked for silence and made a “shuh” sound.

He complained that the man from Parana did not like him at all. “Damn the hell”, shooting. Upon hearing the acupuncture, DG responded. Talking to you directly, I say ‘Brother, don’t play all the time’, announced.

Lyn da Quebrada They joined in the conversation and put on warm clothes, but it was no use.

“I’m glad I’ll be away from everyone in 20 days”shooting Gustavo. “Hello? I didn’t hear”, He said Douglas Silva. “That’s right,” he insisted. Gustavo. “Is that right there? I haven’t heard.”The actor announced. “I can’t take you anymore”commented a citizen of Parana.

Arthur reconsiders his strategy in the secret room

Arthur Agyar He decided to think about the powers he had not yet used in the secret room of BBB22. In short, husbandMira CardiHe didn’t have a party Wednesday night (06), and when he realized that outside maintenance had been called, he had to change course.

“I wasn’t counting on this party, if I played ‘everyone in xepa’ tonight, it wouldn’t have any effect, because they’re going to the party. After that, my alarm clock and internal maintenance blew up”The actor commented watching the brothers interact on the screen of the secret room.

Gustavo, who was lying on the bed, replied, “The room belongs to the general manager, you guys, let’s respect it.” “Yes, I arrived later,” Douglas Silva replied. “And I’ll leave later,” replies the paranoia. “No, it will be released soon,” the actor replied.

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