July 24, 2024

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BBB22: Eli gets kicked by DG when he says he’s moving to VIP

BBB22: Eli gets kicked by DG when he says he’s moving to VIP

Eliezer convinced that the public BBB22 I decided to save him from the last wall And on Wednesday (6) the designer joked that he would “jump the wall” from Xepa to VIP. What he didn’t expect was to receive a kick from him Douglas Silva.

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As he would listen to the girls telling them to wash the dishes at lunch, Eliezer announce: “I think I’m going to jump over the wall.”. upon hearing the speech, DJ Sticky:

Nobody wants you here No, put your foot down! Total loyalty to you! Here only those who have loyalty! “.

right on time, Paulo Andre Join the fun: “You have a chance, brother.” DJThen try to calm the situation becauseEli it feels” With this kind of thing.

earlier, Eliezer He was optimistic about the BBB22 game. Nobody in the house knows that the wall is fake, that is, people voted for it Arthur Beat the dynamism. The designer, in turn, only received 0.4% of sounds…

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