June 23, 2024

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Boris Johnson refuses to step down as prime minister despite calls from allies.  Understand how the crisis began |  Globalism

Boris Johnson refuses to step down as prime minister despite calls from allies. Understand how the crisis began | Globalism

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to resign despite calls from several of his top ministers on Wednesday.

Executives met him after a wave of resignations in his cabinet, but the prime minister announced his intention to stay in office and, according to British media, told interlocutors that he would focus on the major issues facing the country.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses Parliament (Image: Reuters TV)

Tell Michael Gove, one of the prime minister’s main allies, the leader of the Cabinet United kingdom It was time for Johnson to leave the government. Hours later, the BBC reported that Gove had been sacked as Secretary of State for Revenue and Housing.

In practice, Johnson faces Rebellion in the Conservative PartyYour party. More than 40 members of the government and many parliamentarians have left the government or relinquished government-related positions in parliament.

Understand the prospects of Boris Johnson leaving the UK; Marcelo Lenz explains

The number of ministers or advisors who left their posts reached 41 on Wednesday.

Johnson is the laughingstock of allies

The prime minister says he has one term, which he won in the 2019 elections, to finish. According to British media, he said the last thing the country needed at the moment was an election.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson outside his office in Downing Street, London (Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)

Prominent politicians questioned him about his past behavior, motives, and some of the scandals that ended up defining much of his tenure in government.

Johnson may get some relief from the committee that sets the rules for a vote of no-confidence in the party’s leadership. The commission decided to hold an internal election to determine a new president before amending the rules to start a new vote of no confidence in Johnson.

A spokesman for Johnson said Johnson was confident he could win an impeachment.

Upon arriving in Parliament, he answered questions about whether he would resign with the words: “No, no, no.” “The duty of the Prime Minister in difficult circumstances, when you are given huge tasks, is to keep moving forward, and that is what I will do,” he said.

first alternatives

Johnson attempted to reassert his authority by quickly appointing Nadim Zahawi to the position of finance minister.

Al-Zahaki is a rising star in the Conservative Party. He is credited with the success of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The latest crisis in the British government began on Tuesday, when two senior ministers, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid, resigned from their posts.

Johnson knew Pincher had been accused of harassment, but he still nominated him for an important position in Parliament – that of deputy prime minister.

This is not the first crisis Johnson has faced within his own party. Months ago, he had to apologize for that Parties were held at the home of the Prime Minister during the period of isolation due to Covid-19.

The latest crisis began on Tuesday (5), when two senior ministers, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid, left their posts.

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