May 18, 2024

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Brexit brewery threatens to leave British without traditional pint beer – international

LONDON – The Soda Beverages Association warns that carbon dioxide is in stock “for only a few days” to keep breweries, soft drinks and other carbonated beverages in stock. United Kingdom This Monday, the 20th, 340,000 jobs in the industry could be affected by the continuing gas shortage in the country. Carbon dioxide is used in hundreds of products to add bubbles and extend their life.

This is another important factor that the UK will have to fight against due to the shortage of shelves and rising inflation in the country, as well as supply chain disruptions due to the UK’s fighting disasters – which has exacerbated the problems caused by Britain’s expulsion. From European union.

Fuel prices have risen by about 250% this year – partly due to the global economic turmoil and rising demand triggered by the corona virus epidemic. On Tuesday, the International Energy Agency called on Russia to increase its gas exports to Europe, saying that Moscow was sending less goods to other countries than it had before the outbreak.

The gas crisis has put pressure on the fertilizer industry, which needs fuel to operate. Carbon dioxide is a by-product of fertilizer production.

A major U.S. wholesale gas supplier has cut supplies to two large British fertilizer plants, which have been forced to close. The impact of reducing carbon dioxide supplies extends beyond beverages – which are also used as food and staple before being killed.

Even before the shortage, some food and beverage items triggered by supply chain problems had already been defined. Brexit And increased by the most recent global health crisis. The lack of truck drivers to deliver the goods is a major factor.

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The trucking industry estimates that there is a shortage of 100,000 drivers in the UK. The British logistics industry Brexit and the epidemic – prompted many European truckers to leave the country, he said. Others left the industry claiming lower pay and tougher hours.

Restrictions caused by corona virus barriers and self-isolation rules forced many truck drivers to take vacations, leading to delays in distribution and production. Driving choices for new or future drivers were also canceled.

With the attitude of NatalSupermarkets warned that the situation could worsen when people store goods.

Fears of a national beer shortage earlier this month led some pubs to run out of Carling and Coors gallons. British pamphlet The sun He called the crisis “locker-keton”, armageddon and lager, a type of beer that some pubs encouraged customers to try new drinks during the crisis.

“We are facing some supply issues,” a Pub Chain Weatherspoon spokesman said, adding that experts blamed Britain’s beloved Bint Litter shortage on a shortage of truckers, resulting in discrepancies in delivery and Brexit, which triggered trade restrictions.

England’s problems with the binds arose after a while McDonald’s It said milkshakes and some bottled beverages were dug up in 1,250 stores in August.

“Like most retailers, we currently face some supply chain issues that affect the availability of a small number of products,” the network said in a statement, adding that these products are “temporarily unavailable to restaurants in the UK, Scotland and Wales.”

When 700 KFC branches in February 2018 closed their doors to chicken exhaustion, some Britons were so upset that they called the police, East London Police officials posted a harsh statement on Twitter. “It doesn’t matter if your favorite restaurant offers the menu you want,” police wrote. Delays in the network at that time were due to delivery and operational issues.

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Those who were aware of the chicken crisis, this summer, ran out of meat products at the popular Portuguese restaurant Nando – which closed its 50 branches due to a shortage of poultry, with fewer staffing and staffing issues.

Problems could be exacerbated by a decline in other products: a spokesman for the British Meat Processing Association said on Monday that carbon dioxide deficiency would particularly affect pork and poultry, which are highly dependent on CO2.

“Meat prices are likely to rise and there will be a shortage if CO2 is not delivered very quickly,” the panel said.

The fear of not getting tasty snacks was echoed by Lion Daver’s pub. Liverpool, The BBC reports that a leading family food company has warned that their traditional British pork slices could be removed from the menu after stopping deliveries. Dave Hartman, the owner of the bar, said patrons who like pies will be “destroyed.”

The Wrights Food Group, which stopped distributions, said it was trying to “not sink at unprecedented times”. Trade Director Helen Boer explained the company’s decision to withdraw some products from circulation, citing Brexit’s strict migration rules and labor shortages.