July 20, 2024

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Brothers enjoy music festival at home

Brothers enjoy music festival at home

Today’s partyBBB 22″ (TV Globo) Already started! Tonight, the 7 best brothers are enjoying an event with a lot of a musician: Luan Santana, L7 Nun, Felipe Rhett, Matthews Fernandez and Marie Fernandez arrive on stage at the country’s most-watched house.

The first to perform was Luan Santana: after a few stints in the show, the singer returned with songs such as “Morena”, “Inesquecível” and “Meteoro”.

Then, one of the names behind the song “Baby Me Atende,” Matthews Fernandez makes his first appearance on the show. Marie Fernandez arrived to sing “Parada Luca” and “No, Fo Nao.”

After piseiro, rap has reached a stage reality With all the gas with Filipe Ret and L7nnon – Ret is the translator of “Me Sinto Arençoado,” one of the songs that hit the spot with the cast of the reality show.

The event started at the end of the live programme. Once the outdoor area is liberated, those trapped run into the grass to enjoy the views – which have special corners in honor of each game survivor.

BBB’s Music Festival Featuring Luan Santana, Felipe Ret, and More

After Natalya is excluded, who is the nominee for the BBB 22 award?


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