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Caldense vs Atlético-MG: See where to watch, line up, embezzlement and judging |  Mining Championship

Caldense vs Atlético-MG: See where to watch, line up, embezzlement and judging | Mining Championship

Chaldean and Atletico MG Enter the stadium on Wednesday, 4:30 pm (GMT), in Mineirao, for the first leg of the semi-finals of the Minas Gerais tournament.

a General Electric Accompany the match in At present. Click here to access.

Video referee (VAR) technology will be used in competition from the semi-finals onwards. Because of installation costs, Caldense He was unable to play the match as a home team at the Ronaldo Stadium, in Bocos de Caldas. And the second match of the confrontation between Gallo and Vitana is scheduled for next Sunday (27), at 18:00, also in Mineirao.

Fourth in the preliminary stage, Caldense needs to reverse Gallo’s advantage to reach the final. One combination to reach the decision is for the veteran to win one match and draw the other. Another possibility is to win one match by a goal difference greater than the final loss in the other. Among the groups, the only sure thing is that Caldense needs to win in one of the engagements.

Mineirão Stadium – Photo: Publicity / Mineirão

flow: Globo (for MG) with narration by Ruggiero Corre and commentary by Fabio Jr., Henrique Fernandez and Janet Mara Arcango; and SporTV and Premiere (for all of Brazil), with narration by Jader Rocha and commentary by Ana Thisis Matos and Graphite.

real time: General Electric Tracks all game movements (Click here to access).

Chaldean Coach: Gian Rodriguez

Veterana was defeated in the last match of the first stage exactly for Atletico MG. Gian Rodriguez has made it clear that Caldense will have another stand in the semi-final match. The Poços de Caldas team is trying to reach the state’s decision after seven years. On this occasion, he was exactly defeated by Gallo in the final (2015).

The biggest problem to be solved by Gian Rodriguez in the semi-finals is attack. The captain needs to find a solution for the sector, after Caldense got rid of striker Joao Diogo, who until then was Mineiro’s top scorer. The options of Marco Aurelio, Scilo, Artur and Gabriel Braga.

Possible starting lineup: Renan Rinaldi. Yuri Ferraz, Jonathan Costa, Lula and Matthews Muller; Guilherme Borges, Ocarro, and Alimao; Marco Aurelio (Scilo), Neto Costa and Gabriel Braga (Arthur)

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suspended: Jonathan Costa, Alemao, Michael, Paulo Vitor, Gabriel Braga and Igor Pimenta

Atletico MG Coach: Antonio “Al Turko” Mohamed

Atletico have seven confirmed absences from the match: Godin, Alonso, Arana, Vargas and Savarino, who have already left for their national teams (Iverson appears only after the match); Injured Dodo (left knee) and Mariano (in transition to a thigh injury).

Turko Muhammad’s biggest problem is on the left side. Without Arana and Dodô, the coach has no one working on the main group and someone has to improvise in the sector. Since they are left-handed, Caleb and Alan (returned after a suspension period) are the main candidates for the role.

Possible lineup: Iverson. Goga, Nathan Silva, Revere (Igor Rabelo), Calebee (Alan); Allan (Ottavio), Gayer, Nacho Wizarshaw; Keno and Hulk.

embezzlement: Godín, Alonso, Arana, Vargas, and Savarino (summoned); Dodo (knee) and Mariano (thigh)

The Atletico MG squad is likely to face Caldense in the first match of the Mineiro semi-finals – Photo: GE

Banner Arbitration Displays – Photo: ge

Rule: André Luiz Schettino Policarpo Pinto
Helper 1:
Felipe Alan Costa de Oliveira
Helper 2:
Leonardo Henrique Pereira
Video Assistant Referee:
Igor Junior Benevento de Oliveira
Fourth ruling:
Murillo Francisco Mason Jr.