July 20, 2024

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Credit card issues R$300 million to customers to increase their limit

DMCard took a big step to benefit its customers in November. The Foundation issued R$300 million to increase the credit of the card.

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While some credit card issuers increase your credit limit automatically, others only increase it if you request it.

The DMCard allows you to request a credit limit increase online as well. Log in to the app and find the menu option to request a credit limit increase.


To process your request, DMCard can access your data on Serasa and SPC. That one of your financial statements will not lower your score.

If you have a lot of debt with other banks (such as overdue loans or cards), you may not be able to free up your credit limit increase until your debt is paid off.

Your credit limit is based on the information you provided to DMCard when opening your account. If you don’t know what your credit limit is, you can find it on your monthly payment slip, in the app, or in an online call center.


Increasing your credit limits is a good way to reduce the impact of credit card debt on your credit score.

An extended credit limit lets you use your credit card to make bigger purchases, fund more needs, and handle more emergencies — all without causing your credit usage to increase.

Before a credit boost is given, your DMCard will want to know if you’re a good risk. In simple terms this means:

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You are an official card holder. This means no late payments or purchases beyond the limit. Moving forward — for example, paying an extra amount each month to pay your balance more quickly — can make your case stronger.

Your credit is in good standing. Ensure that your payment history, credit usage, and other factors that contribute to your credit score are in the best possible condition on all of your credit accounts.

Your income is enough to cover housing and monthly debts. If your revenue has increased recently, you are probably in a good position to have your application approved. Be prepared to provide your annual income if asked.