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Daniela Mercury to sue Eduardo Bolsonaro for misrepresentation of Jesus – 04/11/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

Daniela Mercury to sue Eduardo Bolsonaro for misrepresentation of Jesus – 04/11/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

The Singer Daniela Mercury The Federal Representative will sue Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), the son of President Jair Bolsonaro, for a crime against honor. She will be represented by the criminal Jose Luis Oliveira Lima.


Last week, according to the singer’s advice, the parliamentarian posted a video on Twitter in which Daniela’s sermons were modified as if she said that Jesus Christ was “gay, very homosexual, very frail, very depraved, yes.” But it was actually referring to Singer Renato Russopassed away in 1996. Moreover, the photos are old, more than three years ago.

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A postagem não aparece mais no Twitter, mas a ratingoria fotografou e filmou a mensagem de Eduardo Bolsonaro em que ele divulgou o vídeo editado ea Legenda: “Cuidado! Cenas fortes. which they are talking about.


The show in which Daniela Mercury refers to Renato Russo took place in July 2018, at Garanhuns (PE). At that time, it was The government of Pernambuco abolished play show “Gospel of Jesus, Queen of Heaven”, which Jesus interpreted before Present-day transgender actress Renata Carvalho lived as a transvestite.


Daniela Mercury sympathized with the censored actress. “Since we’re talking about love, I was so shocked that politicians in this country censor a play,” she said. “It’s absurdly rude. If we have protests by the clergy, who don’t understand art, who don’t understand that art has no dogma, it’s social criticism, it’s a reflection on us, it’s basically free [seria aceitável]He said, to applause from the audience. “Art is the liberation of M.’s head. There is no civilization without freedom.”

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Growing in exasperation, she continued, “Our constitution doesn’t allow it. Our constitution is not the Bible. I come from a Catholic family and I respect it deeply. But our constitution allows us to engage with and talk about religious symbols.”


Speaking of the trans actress, Daniela Mercury said what they did to her was “evil.” He said Renata Carvalho was “Jesus Christ, yes.” Referring to his homosexuality, he said, “Jesus Christ, I’m here, I’m gay, I’m a lesbian. So what?”

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Soon, Daniela Mercury said that she “badly needed rock music” and “soul Raoul Sixas with me here. “


Musicians Felipe Cordero and Chico Cesar will release, on April 26, the song “De Amor, Amor”. The collaboration stems from the duo’s interaction on social media, in the year 2020, during a period of social isolation due to Covid-19. “The pandemic has almost brought together people who were already looking at each other. And even from a distance, we were able to record our partnership,” says Chico Cesar.

With Bianca Vieira, Carina Matias, Manuela Smith and Ana Luisa Albuquerque

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