July 20, 2024

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Diane accuses Solange of making a VT when he sees her with the sheep

Diane accuses Solange of making a VT when he sees her with the sheep

Solange Gomez left the headquarters’ house.farm 13″ (RecordTV) and went down to guard the sheep in the barn. While trying to summon the animals, Diane Melo accused her of “making a VT”, i.e. acting to appear on the show’s version.

Former Bather Gogo, who is back to try to organize the sheep, replied, “Little F.T of love! Little F.T of evil and that’s bad. Little F.T of Snake.” “Envy! You are so angry at my love for you.”

Diane continued to yell and jeer, but Solange shrugged, “Oh, you’re jealous!”

“Only monsters that fall,” the former Grande Fratelo sneered. “Camera turned, Seol!”

The former Gugu bathtub continued to falter while guarding the scattered sheep. Noting the provocations that were occurring, Allen shouted to Solange: “Sun, have fun! Really play! Make VT, your friend!”.

“There are people who have envy, who have no love in their hearts! At least that doesn’t mean TV. It’s with the kids,” replied the former pigeon. Allen laughed.

When Bill saw that Solange was still unsuccessful with the animals, he came down to help them. As soon as all the sheep entered the pen, she and the forerunner –BBB They went back to the headquarters.

Allen stated, “Now is the time to do my VT with the horse!”

“Hey Allen, do a VT with the bikini horse!” Solange suggested.