July 19, 2024

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Doctors rule out spinal surgery for Rodrigo Mossi;  Previous BBB Tries To Communicate · TV News

Doctors rule out spinal surgery for Rodrigo Mossi; Previous BBB Tries To Communicate · TV News

After a new assessment, doctors at Hospital das Klinicas (HC) have ruled out the need for a device Spine surgery Rodrigo Mossi. This Tuesday (12), Diogo Mossi, the former BBB brother, updated the health status of a family member and said the commercial manager tried to communicate with gestures and facial expressions.

“Spine surgery has been ruled out for the time being. Rodrigo will continue to use a cervical collar and the surgery does not require the spinal cord, it is not the spine at all. If needed, surgery will be done in the future. It is more about straightening and strengthening the spine,” Diogo stated.

In a series of videos posted to Instagram Stories, the businessman explained that the extubation process was still in place: “Rodrigo was in his most visible moment, he communicated with me a lot with his hands and facial expressions. He tried to say something using I asked him if he wanted to say it. and whether it is important.

With his hands, he said yes, but I didn’t understand exactly what it was about. The doctor arrived [no quarto] He said, “Hello Rodrigo!” He has already waved goodbye, and it makes us very happy, very relieved, because he is recovering and getting up,” Diogo celebrated.

The Incident with Rodrigo Mossi On March 31, during the early hours of the morning. The app car he was in collided with a truck on the Pinheiros waterfront in São Paulo.

In the CCTV footage, it is possible to see that the truck was traveling at a low speed in the right lane, while the car came faster and, without braking, hit the back of the trailer.

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Rodrygo was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car. The driver of the vehicle that was carrying the former BBB was unharmed. The digital influencer has suffered head trauma and has already undergone three surgeries: one on the head and Two more in the leg.

Watch the video with Diogo Musi’s report and updated medical leaflet: