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Eike Batista is trying to suspend the auction on the floor of his restaurant

Eike Batista is trying to suspend the auction on the floor of his restaurant

The defense of businessman Ike Batista is trying to suspend the auction on the floor where his Chinese restaurant Mr. L, located in Lagoa, south of Rio de Janeiro. A request to suspend the auction has been sent to the District One Regional Labor Court. The information comes from columnist Guilherme Amado, from the Metrópoles website.

Created by Eike Batista in partnership with Chinese chef Sik Chung Lam, the restaurant is one of the most expensive and sophisticated in Rio and faces Lake Rodrigo de Freitas.

According to the columnist, the three-storey establishment is one of the few left by the businessman in the magnificent city and the defense’s request notes that selling the land will cause “significant financial loss at the time.” [Eike] According to Veja magazine, the court has set the auction for the project on April 26.

According to columnist Lauro Jardim of O Globo newspaper, the land is worth R$30 million, but the initial offer will be R$16.2 million and the money should be used to pay off the entrepreneur’s business debts.

The business lawyers stated that Eck had requested payment of the debt in cash, but that the person responsible for the lawsuit had refused the request.

Mr. Amado notes that Lamm continues to make a profit for the entrepreneur, however, he is listed as an asset in the bankruptcy process of MMX Mineração e Metálicos Sudeste, one of Eike Batista’s mining subsidiaries.

In May last yearMMX has informed the market itself that MMX Sudeste has been declared bankrupt by the First Commercial Court of the Province of Belo Horizonte, of the TJ Court of Justice of Minas Gerais.

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In a call with columnist Lauro Jardim, consultant Eike Batista stated that the auction is for only one unit of the three lots occupied by the restaurant.

“The final sale of the land could create a huge problem for the restaurant and for the buyer, who would find it difficult to do any further construction in the area. Ike tells Batista that he is already working on alternatives to settle business debts and avoid any possible sale from the restaurant.”

The UOL A channel of communication with Eike Batista could not be found, but the channel remains open to the center. The report also contacted the restaurant via Instagram and the District 1 Regional Labor Court, but has yet to receive a response. The note will be updated if a reply is made.

Eike Batista won R$47 million in debt relief in taxes in court

In December 2021In court, businessman Ike Batista won the right to stop paying about 47 million Brazilian reals in taxes owed to the state government of Rio de Janeiro.

Unanimously, the judges of the 5th Civil Chamber of the TJ-RJ (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro) realized that the Minister of State for Finance of Rio had missed the deadline for debt collection. The newspaper “Valor Economics” revealed and confirmed the decision UOL in this occasion.

Eike failed to pay the millionaire value of the ITD (Transfer Cause of Death and Donation Tax) when he separated from Luma de Oliveira in 2004. According to the judges, the state of Rio had five years to collect the tax debt. However, it took more than eight years, and the fee was only charged in December 2012.

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In the period when the accusation was supposed to be carried out, Ike reached the position of the richest person in Brazil and the eighth in the world’s richest people, according to the rating of “Forbes”. In 2011, his net worth is $31 billion US Dollars.

Eike’s rise was due to the IPO of a number of companies in the X Group, in sectors such as oil exploration, energy and mining. At that time, he had a close relationship with then-governor Sergio Cabral.

Then, Ike saw his empire fading out in the face of problems with the deliveries his companies had promised. Besides Cabral, I am also convicted in the Lava Jato do Rio operation, arising from an efficient operation.

According to the MPF (Federal Public Ministry), Eike paid $16.5 million in bribes to Cabral, in exchange for contracts with the state government. Under the accusation, the businessman was sentenced by Judge Marcelo Britas, of the Seventh Federal Court of Rio, to 30 years in prison. Today, Eike has been launched.

* With Igor Melo, from UOL, in Rio, and from Estadão Conteúdo