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Elections in France: Expectations point to Macron and Le Pen in the second round |  Globalism

Elections in France: Expectations point to Macron and Le Pen in the second round | Globalism

The first expectations after the closing of the polls for the first session that took place on Sunday (10) in France Clarify a point Emmanuel Macron And Marine Le Pen They will face each other in the second round, scheduled for April 24.

See poll results:

  • Emmanuel Macron (in March!): 29.5%
  • Marine Le Pen (National Assembly): 23.5%
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon (France Uncontrolled): 20.5%
  • Eric Zemmour (Reconquest): 7.0%
  • Valerie Pecres (Let’s Be Free): 5.0%
  • Emmanuel Macron (In March!): 28.1%
  • Marine Le Pen (National Assembly): 23.3%
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon (France Uncontrolled): 20.1%
  • Eric Zemmour (Reconquest): 7.2%
  • Valerie Pecres (Let’s Be Free): 5.0%
  • Emmanuel Macron (in March!): 28.5%
  • Marine Le Pen (National Assembly): 24.2%
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon (France Uncontrolled): 20.2%
  • Eric Zemmour (reoccupation): 7.1%
  • Valerie Pecres (Let’s Be Free): 5.1%

Le Pen, of the far-right National Assembly, is running for the third time. Throughout the campaign, she was second only to Macron. However, the gap between the two has narrowed over the past few days.

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen speaks at her party’s headquarters in Paris on Sunday (10). Photo: Francois Morey/The Associated Press

In a speech shortly after the launch of the election, Le Pen said she would be the “president of all the French people” and that she would heal the divisions in France If elected.

“What will happen on April 24 will be the choice of society and even civilization,” he added.

Macron, speaking shortly afterwards, urged French voters to vote for him to stop the far right and said France Europe is at a turning point.

“Nothing has been decided yet,” he said.

Expectations are that the two voices should be more similar. Her campaign this year was largely an attempt to appear less radical in order to please a broader voter base.

Despite this, she still insists on topics such as the political campaign against the manifestations of Islam and the decline in immigration into the country.

Macron says his opponent fights over what people fear. “When I look at the views of the far right, whoever the candidate is, there are a lot of links to conspiracy theories, and it was all said during the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic and vice versa,” he said.

Emmanuel Macron arrived to deliver his speech at the campaign headquarters in Paris on Sunday 10. – Photo: Thibault Camus/AP

He claims that the far-right’s proposals are financially meaningless and demagogic.

In the final days of the campaign, he gave interviews in an effort to promote his policies and cited what he had done in his first term (particularly his efforts during the Ukraine War, which he was said to have removed from the campaign).

The two candidates who go to the second round will face each other in a debate before voting.

If Macron loses the election, the new president is expected to take office by May 13.

In June, elections for the National Assembly, the French legislature, took place. There are also two voting rounds, scheduled for June 12 and 19.

Who will support who in the second round?

Conservative candidates Valerie Pecresse of Let’s Be Free, Anne Hidalgo of the Socialists, Yannick Gadot of the Green Party and Fabien Roussel of the Communists said they would support Macron in the second round.

“I am very concerned about the future of our country; the far right has never been closer to winning,” Pecres said.

Supporters of Eric Zemmour, leader of the far-right party “Get ready!” And a candidate for the French presidential elections 2022 in reaction to the results of the French elections. – Photo: Thibault Camus / AP

On the other hand, Jean-Luc Melenchon did not support Macron, but asked his supporters not to vote for him. Marine Le Pen.

He declared, “We know who we should never vote for. Don’t vote for Madame Le Pen. We must never vote for Madame Le Pen.”

In turn, Eric Zemmour, from Reconquista, said he has many differences with him Marine Le PenBut she will face the second round with a man who “didn’t mention issues of identity or homeland.”

“I have no doubts about the identity of the opponent. That is why I ask supporters to vote Marine Le Pen“, He said.

French president talks about Russian attack on Ukraine

As a centrist, he is a supporter of a strong European Union, and he has tried to lead diplomatic efforts to avoid war in Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron visits a bakery during an election campaign, March 31, 2022 – Photo: Ludovic Marin / AFP

Macron is the youngest leader in the world France Since Napoleon. His victory in 2017 was considered a surprise.

During his presidency there were waves of protests. Protesters expressed the view that Macron is detached from the general population and its needs.

Marine Le Pen in a speech on April 1, 2022 – Photo: Jean-Christophe Verhagen/AFP

Marine Le Pen He is the leader of the most traditional far-right party in Francethe National Assembly.

She will run for president for the third time. In 2012, it ranked third. In 2017, in second place, behind Macron.

Le Pen has worked in recent years to improve the image of her party, which was seen as racist and xenophobic.

Traditionally, she has made statements against the European Union. Lately, however, she has avoided criticizing the block – she only said it would change a currency France.

Le Pen is trying to attract more voters, but at the same time she has lost supporters to a new competitor, Eric Zemmour (see below).

In 2014, she received a loan from a Russian bank to finance the 2017 campaign, which could be a problem this year.