July 25, 2024

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Fans Comment on Absence in Globo . Vignette

Fans Comment on Absence in Globo . Vignette

TV Globo launched the traditional vignette at the end of the year in the presence of artists, actors and presenters. but absence Camila Queiroz, who left “Secret Truths 2” without recording the last chaptersThe audience noticed.

And the station reported last Friday (26) that the actress had never been cut from the video because she had not previously recorded a post. Even with justification, fans did not like Camila’s absence.

Camila Queiroz’s husband, Clipper Toledo, interacts with sports narrator Clipper Machado in the photos released by the network. Also featured in the vignette are Ícaro Silva, Agatha Moreira and other artists participating in “Verdades Secretas 2”.

The traditional video also features newcomers, such as presenter Marcos Millon and actress Larissa Manuela. The heroine of the movie “Além da Ilusão” will be the next six in the evening on the network.

Actress class

Globo announced it Camila Queiroz won’t be in the final episodes of ‘Secret Truths 2’ On November 17. The actress, so far, has not openly commented on the fight with Globo: she just said so Mental health won The day he left the station.

Queiroz returned to show himself on social networks after TV Globo announced his resignation. It issued a statement saying it was “punished” by the network for choosing not to follow the old contract model.

She also issued a farewell message to the angel. She has played the role of a young model since 2015, when the movie “Secret Truths” was broadcast on TV Globo. She criticized the production again, saying the character “didn’t get the ending it deserved” because they didn’t get it.

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Finally, he posted a video in which he appeared in tears on Thursday (18), in which he commented on his turbulent departure, and took the opportunity to thank the fans for the kind messages.