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Fast processor and camera without night mode: the new iPhone arrives in Brazil – 04/08/2022

Fast processor and camera without night mode: the new iPhone arrives in Brazil – 04/08/2022

new prison cell From Apple on sale in Brazil on Friday (8): Iphone SE 3rd generation, it was created to be an affordable version among the smartphones of the brand. Costing from R$4,199, the launch is the cheapest in the company’s current portfolio.

To maintain the value of the price, the SE line takes on some of the advanced features used in the more expensive sibling (such as the processor and 5G network) and abandonment of others (eg design and facial recognition). Therefore, the launch has the look of an old iPhone, with a physical button on the front and a small screen.

tilt He already holds the device and is now telling us what’s new and our first impressions.

The model can be purchased in Red (red), Starburst (looks like a pearl) and Midnight (black). the prices:

  • 64 GB – 4199 BRL
  • 128 GB – 4,699 BRL
  • 256 GB – R$ 5,699

2022 iPhone SE colors

Photo: Disclosure / Apple

All the same but different

It was the new iPhone Submitted on March 8th – next to Two new colors from line 13And The new iPad Air And A new generation of desktop computers.

This year’s model is the third in the lineup, which was first launched in 2016. The second edition only came in 2020.

iPhone SE 3rd generation (2022 release) vs iPhone SE 2nd generation (2020 release) - tilt - tilt

iPhone SE 3rd generation (2022 release) vs iPhone SE 2nd generation (black; released 2020)

Photo: tilt

In terms of appearance, this year and the previous one are the same. It’s easy to confuse the two. Same height, width and thickness. Only the smallest weighs 4 grams less (something imperceptible).

The 2022 SE has kept the iPhone 8 body since 2017. There is also a single main camera on the back of the phone. The good thing about it being compact is that it is very comfortable to hold for those with little hands. It fits easily in your pants pocket.

The LCD screen remains 4.7 inches (11.9 cm diagonally). The top and bottom edges are still larger than recent iPhones with their “endless” screens. The resolution is also the same: 1,334 x 750 pixels.

iPhone SE 2022: Home button details - Bruna Souza Cruz / Tilt - Bruna Souza Cruz / Tilt

iPhone SE 2022: Home button details

Photo: Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt

However, the screen has become more resistant against drops. The glass used in the launch is the same as in the iPhone 13 line, which was launched in September last year.

It’s a plus point, but beware of the risks. On the fourth day of use, the iPhone we tested already had small scratches on one side. If you are going to buy the launch, actually invest in the protective film and safety cover.

In terms of ease of use, I admit that I struggled to get used to using a phone with a small screen. You can configure the letters to be larger or smaller. But what really caught my eye was typing messages on the smaller keyboard.

Also, many times I forgot that I had to press a button to unlock the screen, confirm app downloads, navigate some menus, etc. At times, I found myself getting distracted by running my finger across the board waiting for commands that would never be executed.

iPhone SE 2022: Apple cell phone has a main camera - Bruna Souza Cruz / Tilt - Bruna Souza Cruz / Tilt

iPhone SE 2022: The cell phone has a 12-megapixel main camera

Photo: Bruna Souza Cruz/Tilt


This year, Apple integrated the image processing system found in more advanced models. The higher quality of the images compared to the 2020 SE is significant.

The third generation of SE contains Deep Fusion AI technology, which adjusts the contrast of images according to the environment. The algorithm works on the main camera and the selfie camera.

iPhone SE 3rd Generation: Photos from Apple’s Cell Phone

The cell phone also offers a variety of photographic style options, which allow you to customize the way the cell phone processes the colors captured by the camera. You can choose between warmer or cooler tones, for example. Once set, the phone will use the edit as the default for photos taken from there.

The downside is that the phone does not have a night mode, which is found in many competitors in this price range. The feature of photos captured in low-light environments is already becoming popular. Apple itself has done a good job with the more expensive models. It is a pity that the “cheap” version does not have this functionality.


The third generation iPhone SE works with the Apple A15 Bionic processor, the same processor as the 13th line from 2021. It is 1.8 times faster than the iPhone 8, for example. The chip has 4 cores, and promises high performance in games.

Use the device for a week for daily functions (Social mediaAnd flow video and a musicianInternet, communications, photo editing) has nothing to say. It didn’t freeze, it didn’t heat up much. The apps flowed very well on first impressions.


Apple has improved the battery compared to the old version. The promise now is that the cell phone can withstand 15 hours of live video playback or 10 hours of video streaming. The second generation of the device was able to reach 13 h and 8 h in the same subjects, respectively.

Over a week, the phone battery lasted a day and a half with less intense use, most of the time on call. WIFI. Depreciation was once faster using mobile internet.

In one of the initial tests, the cell phone was able to play 4h35 minutes of video shown via The Google Pictures (episodes).

My impression was that the battery percentage does not drop quickly when the cell phone is “at rest”. That is, when it is not being used, especially with an active wi-fi connection. Something I’ve seen happen on other smartphones (2020 one, inclusive).

Worth the investment?

In fact, the third generation iPhone SE has a more attractive value given the brand. Compared to the old Apple phones, it features iOS 15, the latest operating system. This guarantees a longer life of the model, as it will receive updates for another seven years – if the manufacturer does not change what it usually does.

The problem is that paying R$4,199 for a 64GB phone doesn’t seem like a good deal to me anymore. More so given that the consumer will keep the phone for several years. This storage space will fill up quickly. Nowadays applications consume more memory. Not to mention photos, videos, and documents.

If you really want to buy a new Apple phone, I recommend two methods:

  • Invest in a new SE with more space (4,699 R$ for 128 GB).
  • Search in iPhone 11 (Approx. 4,099 R$ with 128 GB). Although it was launched in 2019, it is still a great smartphone at a good value for money. Extras: two main cameras, a larger screen, and no physical button on the screen.
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