July 20, 2024

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Fearing attack, passengers begged to leave the plane; Video – Posted

Disturbing video filmed on a JetBlue plane captured passengers begging to get off the plane in Newark. They were frightened after several failed attempts to land at JFK Airport in nearby New York during bad weather.

One passenger was heard shouting at the flight attendants in the cabin, “I’m not going back in the air.”

Another man in a white shirt and navy coat was seen begging to get off the plane, which the airline said was due to land at JFK after a flight from Cancun, Mexico, on Thursday.

“My children are in a panic,” shouted the man. “We have to get off this plane. This is dangerous!”

The plane had to make several revolutions (orbits) before landing, as shown on the RadarBox flight control platform.

And when he tried, he had to rush out due to bad weather. Various attempts terrified the passengers.

We’ve already tried to land four times […] We are afraid to fly, we want to get off! “

At that moment, another passenger insists he wants to get off and says he doesn’t mind going to jail (in case he breaks any air transport rule).

Then the passenger, who was wearing a white shirt and a dark blue jacket, added: “I don’t want to go to prison, but that’s not right.”

“I don’t care about JFK – it’s our life! People are sick there, people are passing out, people are vomiting! Little respect for humans!” the man continues as the other passengers also talk about their desire to get off.

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The aircraft was an Airbus A321-231, registered N973JT, and has been in service for three years.

JetBlue spokesman Derek Dombrowski told the New York Post that Flight 1852 was diverted to Newark Liberty International “due to the weather” over JFK.

“Without proper customs procedures available for the Newark flight, the aircraft remained on the ground for 60 minutes and, as the weather improved, it departed again for JFK, where it landed safely,” he said in an email.