September 24, 2023

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Fernanda Souza se manifesta após gafe de Taís Araújo na estreia do "The Masked Singer Brasil". (Reprodução; Instagram/TV Globo)

Fernanda Sousa reveals her reaction to Thiaguinho after Taís Araújo’s mistake at “The Masked Singer Brasil” premiere; Watch!

Film premiereThe masked singer of Brazil“, On Globo TV, marked by several moments, including his slip Tais Araujo, including ex-spouses THEAGENIO NS Fernanda Souza. After the program judge apologized, this Thursday (12) Fernanda appeared in it social networks, telling her what she thought of what had happened and revealing that Tice had sought her out to talk. More than just friends, BFF’s!

It all started when Girassol finished performing his anthem “Here Comes the Sun” the Beatles , The judges gave a hint about his character. “I’m madly in love with Thiaguinho”, warned. It was then, in the drive to respond, that actress Fernanda Souza, who broke up with the singer in 2019 mentioned! “Fernanda Sue…Oh no! Fernanda is Thiaginho’s ex-wife, oh my gosh! Oh, what a shame you guys! What a shame!”She screamed while hiding behind her hands. Simon Mendes NS Edward StirbicAnd the jury members, too, couldn’t stand it and burst out laughing in confusion. helps! Watch:

On Instagram stories, Thiaguinho’s ex-wife posted a copy of Taís’ apology and stated that she didn’t need to bother to justify it. “You are one of the funniest people I know. When Taís called me what to tell me, I laughed my ass off! “, I acknowledge.

Fernanda Souza and Tiagoño started dating in 2011, married in 2015 and separated in 2019 (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Additionally, Fernanda revealed that she and the singer had a lot of fun with the mess. “No need to apologize, okay? Thiaguinho and I laughed a lot. Friend, but it’s practically two years! (Well, the pandemic made a lot of people feel bad about that time)”I’m kidding. paying off:

The relationship is already under the bridge for Fernanda and Tiagoño, but Taís Araújo still misses the former couple. “I would like to leave here my very public and sincere apologies for yesterday’s gaffe to Fei Souza and Tiagoño, whom I love. And to say that although it is well resolved, I seem to have been the one who has not overcome this separation until today, right?”The actress joked on Twitter. We understand you Thais! hahahahaha