July 19, 2024

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Find out how Niterói’s health network works during Carnival

Find out how Niterói’s health network works during Carnival

The Municipal Health Service in Niterói I mentioned that during carnivalMunicipal emergency and emergency units will work around the clock, as will municipal hospitals Carlos TortelliAnd Getulio Vargas FilhoAnd Jurujuba psychicAnd Municipal maternity Alzira Reis Vieira FerreiraAnd Emergency Unit Mario Montero and the Emergency services in Largo da Batalha and gives heresy. Samu will be on standby with its full fleet. According to the secretariat, the Children and Youth Accommodation Unit (UAI) and Therapeutic Residence Services (SRT) will also operate normally.

Outpatient network units, such as family doctor units, polyclinics and basic health units, will return to their activities on Monday (25), in addition to vaccination against Covid-19 and influenza. There will be no vaccination from April 21 to 24.

Emergency services

Carlos Tortelli Municipal Hospital (HMCT, former CPN)
Rua Desembargador Athayde Parreiras, 266 – Bairro de Fátima

Municipal emergency unit d. Mario Montero (front)
Francisco da Cruz Nunes Filho Road, s/n° – Piratininga

Emergency service at Largo da Batalha Regional Clinic
Rua Ferrador Armando Ferreira – 30- Largo da Batalha

Emergency service at Engenhoca Regional Infirmary
Avenida Professor Joao Brasil, S/Nº – Ingenhoca

Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU-192)

Psychiatric emergency: Grojuba Psychiatric Hospital (24 hours)
Avenida Quintino Bocaiúva s / n ° – Jurujuba

Gastrointestinal emergency: Orêncio de Freitas Hospital (24 hours)
Avenida Machado, s / n ° – Barreto

Pediatric emergency: Getúlio Vargas Filho Hospital – (24 hours)
Rua Teixeira de Freitas, s/nº – Fonseca

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Maternity emergency: Municipality of Zira Reis Vieira Ferreira (MMAR)
Avenida Carlos Ermelindo Marins, s/n, Charitas

The vaccination will return on Monday (25th) from 8 am to 17 pm, and entry will be until 16 pm.