July 20, 2024

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Flight pilots who fell vertically in China did not respond to monitors, preliminary report shows |  Globalism

Flight pilots who fell vertically in China did not respond to monitors, preliminary report shows | Globalism

The preliminary report of the investigation into the crash of China Eastern Airlines’ Boeing 737-800, which landed vertically from the sky over southern China in March, indicates that pilots stopped responding to flight controllers shortly after the first crash. . The document also notes that there are no problems with

The plane, with 132 passengers on board, crashed on March 21 near the city of Wuzhou.in Guangxi, southern China. The plane was flying between cities from Kunming to Guangzhou. The fire from the fall was large enough to appear in satellite images. All passengers and crew died.

The case was affected by the dynamics of falling vertically in a few minutes. Security cameras from a company close to the scene showed how the plane quickly collapsed, aiming fully at the ground.

Video showing the moment a plane crashed in China

“The control radar in the Guangzhou area showed a warning of a leadership ‘swerve,’ the aircraft departed at an altitude, and the controller immediately called the crew but received no response,” the report stated.

In March, days after the accident, the head of the Accident Investigation Center of the Civil Aviation Administration, Mao Yanfeng, said at a press conference that observers had been in contact with the aircraft throughout the entire flight up to the first landing in altitude.

The initial report issued by the Anti-Corruption Authority did not indicate any possible reason for this type of decline, which drew criticism from experts.

The report is a mandatory document that the airline’s home country must submit within 30 days of the crash. In the preliminary conclusions, the Public Prosecution Office also stated that the black boxes are still very damaged, which makes investigations difficult.

But the agency has not released what information can actually be extracted from the flight data recorders and pilots’ voices contained in the black boxes. The content was sent to Washington, United States, for analysis.

From what is already known, the CAAC stated that the flight team was qualified, the aircraft was up to date with maintenance, the weather conditions were good and there were no objects inside the aircraft that could pose a hazard.

The report did not mention any technical problems or recommendations for the Boeing 737-800. On Sunday (17), China Eastern Airlines resumed operations with the aircraft of the same model, which was on the ground for about a month after the precautionary crash.

The report also refers to this part of One of the wings was found 12 kilometers from the collapse, Which may have ruptured due to the force of the plane’s diving.

“The investigation will take at least a year,” Xiaojin told Reuters news agency.