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Gaules takes over as Head of Games at KaBuM!  |  5 . draft

Gaules takes over as Head of Games at KaBuM! | 5 . draft

Partnership should bring special offers, discount coupons and sweepstakes to the clan

for every Christino ‘cac0’ Milo / March 31, 2022 – 4:15 pm / Coverage: Disclosure / KaBuM!

a Kaboom! Alexander declaredthe greeksBorba as the new head of games. The broadcast device joins the largest technology and gaming e-commerce in Latin America and offers new opportunities to the audience. The plan includes community tournaments, exclusive promotions with special offers, discount coupons, sweepstakes, among others.

The strategic partnership strengthens KaBuM, as Gaules has the right to showcase the biggest of Counter-Strike’s tournaments, capturing peak audiences with matches from Brazilian teams Furia, MIBR, Imperial and Godsent. It also diversifies its content by adding the full seasons of NBA, Stock Car, and Campeonato Carioca.

Anna Norato, Chief Marketing Officer, KaBuM! Celebrated the company’s partnership with the content producer.

The partnership advances our goal of connecting people through technology, and brings us closer to the community of players, which is our core. Zhao comes to bring more ideas and innovation to our business. The true way he dedicates himself and connects with the tribe, as well as his creative and transformative ability, has it all with KaBuM! And great projects ahead of us“, He said.

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According to the statement, Gaules is already planning the first actions with KaBuM!. Projects and news will be announced during broadcasts on the social networks of the live broadcaster and KaBuM!