July 20, 2024

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“Get out of this office” – Extraderondonia.com.br

“Get out of this office” – Extraderondonia.com.br

Several members of the House used the podium of the House of Representatives for today’s session / Photo: Wilmer Garcia

The exact situation of public health was, once again, a topic of discussion in the regular session of this Tuesday, 19, in the Vilhena Room.

Council members challenged a disavowal memorandum issued by “doctors” last week against some members of Parliament, and also commented on the incident that occurred at the university on the night of Monday 18, when military police officers broke out due to problems in the unit involving patients and a doctor who was leaving the office (Read more here And here).

Board member Pedrinho Alves (Avante) began the discussion by commenting on the ABA case. He said parliamentarians have long been warning the city council about the lack of physical structure and staff in the health unit. For him, the executive has to dialogue with the advisors and the population. Request the installation of the UPA structure in the regional hospital.

Yesterday the police went there and we have been warning them for days. God gave us two ears, two ears, and one mouth. We have to listen more than speak. But there are people who do not listen. What is the city waiting for to get this business out of there if it’s not working? It is a shame for Vilhena what is happening in the field of public health at this moment,” he said.

Because of this situation, Pedrinho also sent a letter to Mayor Eduardo Japonês (PSC). “Mr. Mayor, I speak as a citizen and an elector: Get out of this office. Let’s walk the streets, let’s go to the UPA and see what happens. There is no way of running without dialogue with the legislature, without dialogue with businessmen, with civil servants.”

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Council member Samir Ali (Podemos), upon occupying the House of Representatives podium, objected to the disavowal memorandum that was to be written by “Medicando”, the company responsible for managing the UPA. The congressman said that the Chamber never stopped questioning City Hall and proved this by the interview with Municipal Health Secretary (Seamus), Wesleyn Amorim, which took place at the last hearing (Read More here).

“I came here today to talk about ‘Medicando,’ which posted a denial note with the same capacity as its services: really weird. The term ‘Medicando’ here for the city council is another problem that health faces. Medicando’s inability to provide services. There, they post the refusal note and hide. Behind the word servers. It is unfortunate that people have to call the police to have a minimum of dignity, with up to six hours of waiting for service. It is unacceptable and we cannot allow it. He said this company is incompetent and there is a lot of arrogance.

The parliamentarian also said it was his role to indict the city council and spoke of a collapse in health. “I have nothing to talk about with ‘Medicando’. My responsibility is to charge the city hall. I do not agree with the secretary there. I have already made it clear many times that, due to the inability to manage the wallet, it was completely rejected by all the city council employees. So, It is clear that there will be a collapse in health,” he analyzed.

For Councilman Wilson Tabaleba (PV), the complaints at UPA are real and suggested dialogue in order to find the necessary solutions for the sector. “It’s a crisis happening in the city and the goal of this company is to provide a good service,” he said.

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