July 20, 2024

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Health plan changes spark protest in Ribeirao

Health plan changes spark protest in Ribeirao

Demonstration in front of Sassum, central Ribeirão Preto. (Photo: Publicity/Sindicato dos Servidores)

The publication of the notification of accreditation of health plan operators by SASOME (Municipal Health Care Service) in Ribeirão Preto sparked a manifestation of municipal employees on Friday (8). A demonstration took place in front of the municipality headquarters in the center.

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This is because the city of Ribeirão Preto intends to employ health services and a dental plan in the way of work. Accreditation was opened last Monday (4) and is available on the City Council website.

The Municipal Servers Consortium believes that if the change from the current model to the one proposed by management is implemented, the servers will not be guaranteed to continue treatment and restart with other professionals.

The entity also claims that the action may affect the eventual extinction of Sassom in the future. The category says, “The Federation confirms that appropriate legal measures will also be adopted to stop this attack.”

Through a memorandum, the municipality said that the accreditation of the operators was approved by the Sasum consultative council and is aimed at ensuring medical and dental care for servers and dependents, in addition to ensuring the financial balance of the municipality.

The executive says that Sasom operates with a monthly deficit of approximately R$500,000. “Operators with active registration with the National Agency for Complementary Health will be accredited and an assistance scheme will be offered in the basic business mode, ensuring benefits over those currently offered,” says the municipality.

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