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Here's How You Can Gain Muscle Mass After 50

Here’s How You Can Gain Muscle Mass After 50

Gaining muscle mass is the goal of many people. For those over 50, for physical reasons related to aging, this task may seem more difficult. However, experts know that with a food care routine combined with physical exercise, it is possible to increase lean mass and disposition.

Sports Nutritionist Isabella Zago, Partner at GoNutri Clinic, Highlights that gaining muscle mass involves energy balance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of protein and Exercises that generate strength stimuli, such as weight training.

Sleep is another important factor because it favors metabolic processes, and promotes the recovery of muscle fibers after exercise. Perform physical activities.

Here are some tips to gain muscle faster:


Zago advises that the person, if possible, designate a personal trainer to accompany him during the exercises. According to her, it is important that it is performed correctly, while respecting the boundaries of the body in order to avoid possible injuries.

Crossfit can be a good option for individuals over the age of 50 to gain muscle mass, but it must be done with guidance that is compatible with the individual situation. “Strength and resistance activities generate hypertrophy that aids in muscle growth,” the specialist comments.

The body changes with age

nutrition specialist capital CitiesThes Brito explains that around the age of 40, the body begins to experience a period when there is a decrease in hormone levels, greater accumulation of fat, and reduced muscle tension.

“Individuals who have been sedentary their whole lives will experience this process more intensely compared to those who have always exercised,” Taiz comments.

According to her, it is common for people in this age group to experience difficulties in initiating physical activities due to reduced testosterone production. However, a healthy routine is able to generate a virtuous cycle, in which hormone levels improve, the body gains lean mass and the individual is more prepared.

“For individuals who have been stable their entire lives, it is never too late to start a method that reflects on health and well-being. It is only necessary to start with caution, given the risk of injury,” says Thays.

Physical and mental well-being

nutrition specialist capital Cities Highlights that physical activities promote an increase in cardio-respiratory capacity and general well-being. According to her, regular exercise and the resulting increase in muscle mass helps prevent health problems such as cancer and diabetes.

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Secondly Tease BrittoThe foods that help directly in gaining muscle mass are proteins. In order for an individual to increase lean mass, it is necessary to adjust the amount of proteins and carbohydrates consumed throughout the day. In addition, it is important to increase water intake, since muscle fibers consist of 75-85% water.

“The ideal is to continue until the diet is working in a way that is conducive to the goals”The expert suggests.