July 24, 2024

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I believe I can fix the deal post-Brexit, says Starmer

I believe I can fix the deal post-Brexit, says Starmer

The United Kingdom left the European Union after a referendum in 2016; The Prime Minister refuses the opportunity to return to the country

UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer (left-wing Labor Party) told reporters this Monday (8.Jul.2024) that he believes the trade deal can be fixed. “Went Badly” Signed with the European Union (EU) after Brexit in 2020.

“We believe we can get a better deal than what Boris Johnson brought home and we will do that.” said the Chief Minister.

Despite criticizing the trade rules signed by Johnson, Starmer ruled out the possibility of the country returning to the EU. however, He said there is a possibility of removing some trade barriers with the European Union.

The United Kingdom left the European Union in a 2016 referendum with 52% of Britons wanting to leave the European Union. Despite the referendum, the transition process was tumultuous, with 3 deals rejected and 2 Prime Ministers leaving during the process – David Cameron and Theresa May.

Journalists also asked the Prime Minister this Monday (July 8) about the possibility of promoting a referendum in Northern Ireland so that the people of the country, which is part of the United Kingdom, can decide whether or not to remain part of Britain. Nation.

Starmer was vague in his response and said he was acting under the Belfast Agreement, which would have held a referendum by the British government if a majority in Northern Ireland appeared to support secession from London.