September 25, 2023

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"I took my luster" · TV news

“I took my luster” · TV news

Diane Melo I decided to play the victim inside farm 2021 He expressed his regret for the positions of the opponents. This Thursday (18), in an interview with Valentina FrancavillaThe model said she had several in-game attacks. “They were able to take all my glitter,” he said.

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Diane and Valentina said, “Including my days on this show, I’ve had a lot of sad days here. I get attacked a lot, it’s been so hard being here.” the last”.

I do not inform, l Model highlighted that the psychological factor This is the biggest challenge he faces in the rural realities. “I wasn’t feeling well. I thought I was unbelievably good, I arrived happy as a result. These guys managed to shed all my brilliance, and they put me in the booth for about two months trying to get me out. Every field, motivation and humiliation.. I have a lot on my head.”

Dayan noted, “Sometimes, we don’t know how to act because everything is for nothing. It all starts in vain, everything you do. People don’t care about you.” The theater assistant at Programa do Ratinho (SBT) tried to cheer up the ally and summoned her friendships MC Gui NS Dinho Alves, hates the previous model in the game.

The former Big Brother Italia commented, “I know, we love each other. But they are the minority, not the majority. I’m sad that I offended people, you know?”. “But it’s the minority that matters,” Valentina said. “The majority doesn’t matter.”

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