June 21, 2024

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"I will be worse than Sao Paulo's neighbors"

“I will be worse than Sao Paulo’s neighbors”

A Flamengo fan residing at the Palmeiras Hotel, in Montevideo, Uruguay, revealed the scenes of his meeting with coach Alverde Abel Ferreira.

The weather in Montevideo, Uruguay, calm on the eve of the big decision of Libertadores Konmebol 2021. Despite the competition between Palm trees NS flamingoSome episodes are worth laughing about. One of them includes a red and black Alverde Abel Ferreira fan and coach.

during the ESPN FC This Thursday (25) correspondent from Disney Channels Eduardo de Meneses, who is on stage on November 27, at Estádio Centenário, who will be broadcast live fur FOX Sports and for ESPN No Star +, a strange report on a A Flamengo fan staying in the same hotel with the Palmeiras delegation.

According to him, He even had the opportunity to meet Abel Ferreira and took the opportunity to make fun of the Portuguese, sHe recalls the coach’s statement after winning the classification for the Grand Final in the semi-final duel against Atlético MG., in Minerao. in this occasion , Send a message to a neighbor who lives in his building and pick you up.

“I’m at the hotel in Palmeiras. I already met coach Abel Ferreira and said the following: ‘Abel, your neighbors in Sao Paulo were bad.'” But I would be worse than them. [risos]’ said a Flamingo fan.

After ranking against GalloAbel cheered a lot and pointed to one of the cameras broadcasting the match. At the press conference, he revealed his intention to send a message to his neighbor.

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“It was not for any Atlético-MG player or coach [Cuca]. I have a neighbor who lives in my building and he’s hurting in the ass. I went straight to my neighbor, because I’m in charge of my house. silent! Who works inside CT is me and the guys. I defend my players because they are mine in wins and losses. To my neighbor, “shiu”! ‘, justified Abel at the time.