May 19, 2024

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Ibovespa’s rise with the Fed and PEC in Precatório; Minerva Fires (BEEF3)

the Ibovespa It closed Wednesday (15) up 0.63% to 107,431.18 points. Today’s volatility is due to investors’ reluctance over news related to monetary policy Act Federal Reserve (Fed).

With today’s rally, Ibovespa almost stopped at zero for the week and fell 0.30%. In the year, it is up 5.41%.

The indicator, at first, fluctuated between small highs and lows. After the Federal Reserve’s announcement, the Ibovespa index reached its highest levels for the day at 107,603 points (+0.79%), but quickly lost ground. near the end of the trading session, Wall Street He rebounded and took the stock exchange with him.

The interior scenery was set aside during the day, except for PEC from Precatorio, which was approved in the second round of the House of Representatives, by 332 votes to 142. The next step will be to analyze the salient points that change the content of the text approved by the Senate, but the top of the House is working to prevent further changes.

Other national features were Activity Index (IBC-Br) measured by central bankWhich showed the fourth consecutive decline of 0.40% (in line with expectations). In addition, the chief Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) From the Senate, Davy Alcolumber promised to direct tax reform after the holiday, in February.

Federal Reserve: details about monetary policy

The Federal Reserve confirmed today that it will accelerate the cut in monetary stimulus (diminishing) from $20 billion to $30 billion per month and raise interest rate expectations in the next three years.

And about the start of raising the interest rate in 2022, the Federal Reserve Chairman said, Jerome PowellHe said he did not expect to have to raise rates before the current March deadline for the tapering shutdown. But he stressed that there is still no definitive end to the period between the monetary injection and the rise in interest rates. The goal, he says, is to raise rates before full employment is reached.

In addition, he indicated that the frequency of rate hikes (which Fed officials expected to rise 3 in 2022) could change if gross domestic product weaken.

After concluding the Fed meeting, Monetary Authority Chairman Jerome Powell said at a press conference that he needs to assess the effects of the Ômicron variable of Covid-19 on the US economy, as its “implications for inflation and demand are not clear”. Powell noted that Fed officials are “comfortable with Micron, without the quantitative easing program,” which could be terminated by the US central bank in March.

The Fed chair also highlighted that it will be seen if the increase in wages exceeds the economy’s total factor productivity, which he says has not yet occurred.

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“The United States is in this position of having a growing economy and being able to raise interest rates, unlike other strong regions, such as Europe,” explains Gustavo Cruz, economist and strategist at RB Investimentos.

“The Fed’s message is: I am going to reduce my liquidity and the whole world will have to adjust that in 2022. At the same time I will raise interest rates,” notes Rodrigo Franchini, partner at Monte Bravo Investimentos, adding: “The Fed created ( With the stimulus program) an influx of liquidity went to the US and emerging exchanges. When there is a drop in this program, we will not have another $1.5 trillion in liquidity in the market next year. I will have a stronger dollar, less money in the economy, and less risky money.”

Minerva (BEEF3) leads Ibovespa today

European stocks closed mostly higher on Wednesday, with investors worried about the Federal Reserve’s stance. In addition, traders responded to negative information that UK consumer inflation accelerated 5.1% year-on-year in November.

Retail stocks, such as Magazine Luiza (MGLU3), rebounded and advanced strongly after the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates on hold for the time being.

China announced on Wednesday (15) that it will resume imports meat Brazilian beef. Second, today the General Administration of China Customs (Gacc, English acronym) will resume importing boneless beef products after less than 30 months from Brazil.

After the news, actions Minerva (BEEF3) The Ibovespa index led its gains since morning, up 7.80%, until the end of the session, up 11%. The company said in a statement to the market that the resumption of slaughter and production of beef destined for the Chinese market is an “immediate start.”

the dollar It closed the trading session as high as 0.35%, quoted at R$5.6937, a number close to the day’s maximum (5.6981 R$). At the very least, the coin reached 5.6190 Brazilian Real.

the petroleum It closed higher, after reversing its signs of an improvement in risk sentiment following the Fed’s announcement. For the remainder of the session, the energy commodity worked under pressure, with news including a Ômicron variable and eyeing data pointing to a slowdown in China’s economy.

A barrel of Brent crude for January rose 0.24 percent to $73.88. The barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude for January closed 0.20% higher at $70.87.

the gold With delivery scheduled for February, it fell 0.44%, to $1,764.50 an ounce.

See the biggest hikes in Ibovespa

The companies in the meatpacking sector were the most prominent companies at the Ibovespa Summit.

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Biggest losses

The news that moved the stock market

  • Cade has agreed to buy Unidas (LCAM3) by Localiza (RENT3) by a close vote
  • Eletrobras (ELET3) drops 12% as TCU’s privatization analysis halts
  • Eneva (ENEV3) includes Focus (POWE3) for R$960 million

Cade has agreed to buy Unidas (LCAM3) by Localiza (RENT3) by a close vote

court Economic Defense Administrative Council (KED) This Wednesday (15) approved the union between Locate (RENT3) it is in United (LCAM3)and included in the decision “remedies” to reduce the new company’s market share to less than 50%. The vote was narrow: 3 to 2. Unidas was purchased by Localiza and approval is restricted.

The merger of the two largest companies in the vehicle rental and fleet management sector in the country was approved with some reservations. According to the reporter, Lenise Prado, it is necessary to comply with the terms of the restriction, which include the “significant” sale of assets in the rental area. As chancellor, the signed agreement is confidential and the terms were not disclosed while reading her vote.

In September of this year, the public oversight body recommended approval of the establishment of Unidas by Localiza through “remedies”. The self-assessment system also evaluates the combination of business between the two companies.

a merger proposal It was announced on September 22, 2020 and is based on Cade’s final decision. “After studies and market consultations, the regulator found that among the sectors affected by the merger, those related to used vehicle sales, fleet management and outsourcing (GTF) do not represent significant concerns from a competitive point of view,” Kidd says.

Localiza and Unidas released a related joint fact, reporting Cade’s agreement with “structural and behavioral constraints, under the terms of the Focus Control Agreement – ‘ACC.'” According to the notes, closing the deal is still subject to other conditions, such as the buyer’s consent to the asset package to be divested. Under the terms of the acc.

Eletrobras (ELET3) drops 12% as TCU’s privatization analysis halts

Actions Eletrobras (ELET3) It has already fallen more than 12% and is operating at as low as 9% Wednesday morning (15) after analysis of the privatization process was halted by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU).

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process stop privatization from Eletrobras This came at the request of Minister Vital do Rigo for the inspection, which aroused the discontent of the market.

The minister explained that the obligations imposed on the “new Eletrobras” have an impact on tariffs for Electricity. In other words, the decision is very likely to jeopardize the electricity sales schedule for the first half of next year.

“Last night, you made Cedras want it Ask for an opinion from this process. If Minister Cedras reads the report, said Vital do Rigo, I will give the reasons for my request for inspections of the regiment.

As a result, the analysis of the article will not resume until next year, after it has been reviewed by the Vital team.

Minister Aroldo Cedraz stated that he is not against “this kind of measure”, but that it is necessary to “respect the time of maturity privatization process“.

Eneva (ENEV3) includes Focus (POWE3) for R$960 million

a iniva (ENEV3) Focus Energia (POWE3), a company operating in the marketing and renewable energy generation sectors, will be incorporated through a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. The deal is valued at R$960 million and involves a special subscription to Fox’s bonds. Following this news, Eneva’s shares rose 4.37%, trading at R$15.05.

according to Related fact, as a result of the operation, the to focus It will be eliminated, with the consequent transfer of the company’s shareholder base to Eneva. In turn, Eneva will remain a public company and will become the owner of the rights to Focus. The process must be implemented by April 14, 2022 and is extendable for an additional 3 months.

The payment will be R$715 million in cash and R$244.9 million in equity, based on the closing date on Tuesday (14), totaling R$960 million.

According to the document, the stock exchange will be 0.189616054 new Share Eneva for each work of Focus on shareholders, with a total of 17 million new ones regular verbs for a case.

Performance of master indexes

In addition to Ibovespa, check the closing of the main stock indices today:

  • Ibovespa today: +0.63%
  • IFIX today: +0.28%
  • Today’s IBRX: +0.57%
  • SMLL today: +1.19%
  • Today’s IDIV: +0.42%

Ibovespa quote this Tuesday (14)

Last Tuesday (14), it was Ibovespa It closed the day 0.58% lower, 106,759.92 points, which is the second consecutive lowest level during the week.

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