July 24, 2024

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In Washington, NATO refers to Ukraine’s future membership in the alliance

In Washington, NATO refers to Ukraine’s future membership in the alliance

Jens Stoltenberg, the organisation’s secretary-general, says the eastern European country’s entry is a “matter of time”.

NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), Jens Stoltenberg, this Wednesday (10.July.2024) in Washington, reaffirmed that Ukraine’s accession to the Western military alliance is a matter of time, not uncertainty.

“As Ukraine moves forward with its important reforms, we will continue to support its unwavering path towards NATO. The joint work we are doing now will ensure that, in due course, Ukraine will reunify without delay. It is not a matter of if, but when.”Stoltenberg announced on Day 2 of the NATO summit.

NATO leaders, meeting in the US capital, underscored in a joint statement that Ukraine’s future is firmly tied to the alliance and its accession process. “irreplaceable”. He asserted that a Russian invasion in 2022 would shake world peace and stability and threaten the security of allies. Read on completeness.

“We reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the heroic defense of their nation, territory and shared values.“, NATO leaders said. “A strong, independent and democratic Ukraine is essential to security and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region”They continued.

The joint statement also highlighted that NATO leaders fully support Ukraine’s sovereignty “Decide your own future”Recognizes Kyiv’s progress in its democratic, economic and security reforms.

“As Ukraine continues to make progress in these critical areas, we will continue to support Ukraine on its irreversible path toward full Euro-Atlantic integration, including future membership of NATO.”The federation said in a joint statement this Wednesday (July 10).

“We reiterate that we are ready to invite Ukraine to join the alliance when the Allies agree and the necessary conditions are met.”.