June 21, 2024

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Juliana Paes is a victim of the financial pyramid and loses 500 thousand Brazilian riyals

Juliana Paes is a victim of the financial pyramid and loses 500 thousand Brazilian riyals

Juliana Paes, famous for the characters who charm the audience, one of them, Pepe a Peregosa, from the series “A Força do Querer” by Gloria Pérez, found herself in a real plot, when she fell into a financial pyramid scam.

According to the investigations, the actress was going to lose an amount of approximately 500,000 Brazilian riyals, but she did not want to testify in the Public Prosecution Office. Your attorney was responsible for providing the information.

But, don’t you think that Juliana was the only one who fell into this coup, actor Murillo Rosa was in MP (SP) to give information about the same coup. The São Paulo justice system accepted the prosecution’s charges, which include four suspects.

Prosecutor Celeste Let dos Santos reported that the criminals offered proposals with a financial return on investments well above average.

Television artists, football players and other celebrities fell into the same blow.

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According to a civil police investigation, one of the defendants set up a company to provide an investment model, prompting victims to invest in used cars for resale to retailers, promising a return of 4% to 8%. Close friends attracted investors and benefited from the split in the profitability of the coup.

In an interview with the Rede Globo G1 website, Attorney General Celeste said, “They paid the victims, for a time, a profit out of their income, which made people believe the investment was right and thus brought in more people.”

We ask for pain, suffering and material damage if those involved are found guilty. Some lost 478 thousand riyals, others 280 thousand riyals, and another 84 thousand. These are significant sums. “But we did not find the criminals’ assets to prevent it,” the prosecutor said.

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Giuliana Paes will be in the remake of ‘Pantanal’

Actress Juliana Paes is set to star in the new movie “Pantanal”, next 9:00 PM on Rede Globo channel. The character of Juma Marruá, who was played in the first version of the Red Manchete, will be played by actress Cristiana Oliveira, who immortalized the character.

Juliana has already changed her appearance in the new TV series, replacing her curls with mega hair, and even stopped doing her nails and eyebrows. In an interview with O Globo newspaper, she gave a hint about the new role “I like to change into characters.” But it’s hard to let go of a little vanity. She is a woman who hits clothes and works with a hoe.”

Giuliana Paes will face the difficult task of overcoming the performance of Cristiana Oliveira. Everyone who watched the first version of “Pantanal” recalls in detail how strong the character was and attracted the attention of the viewer. Trama by Benedetto Roy Barbosa. The author’s grandson, Bruno Luberi, is adapting the story for Globo.