July 20, 2024

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Kingdom Hearts 4 announced with realistic graphics;  See the trailer

Kingdom Hearts 4 announced with realistic graphics; See the trailer

This Sunday (10), Square Enix and the Disney announce it Kingdom Hearts 4 In the early development stage. Announcing the new game is part of Celebrating 20 years of the acclaimed RPG franchise and accompanied by Kingdom Hearts Missing LinkNew mobile game. However, its release date and compatible platform have not been announced.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary by announcing two new franchise titles. Kingdom HeartsThanking fans “for all the support over the years,” said series director Ichiro Hazama.

to Kingdom Hearts 4Players will experience Sora’s return in a new story titled “The Lost Master Arc“, as the official statement reveals. In the beginning, players must face a “battle of the boss against a giant enemy” in the city of Quadratum. The producer promised that the city in question would be large and defined”In a beautiful and realistic world, unlike anything seen in the franchise“.

A more realistic world

The trailer for the new game presents various scenarios, such as the jungle, the indoor environments of houses in Quadratum City, non-playable human characters, vehicles and roads with a more realistic appearance, although the more caricatured appearance of the main characters is preserved. At about the sixth minute it is also possible to see a quick gameplay of the material in development.

In addition to the teaser, Square Enix also revealed that other characters such as Donald, Goofy and Strelitzia, who will make their debut, will be available in Kingdom Hearts IV.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, the mobile version for Android and iOS, will have a closed beta for testing in 2022.