July 20, 2024

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Laís meets Sabrina Sato and reveals if she has actually called Rodrigo

Laís meets Sabrina Sato and reveals if she has actually called Rodrigo


Lais Caldas met Sabrina Sato, who asked an unguarded question about Rodrigo Mossi, who she lived with at BBB22.

Lys Caldas talking to Sabrina Sato
© reproductionLys Caldas talking to Sabrina Sato

Laís Caldas, who became the ninth eliminated From BBB 22 This week, he’s already trading outdoor events, and in one of them, he’s met no one but Sabrina Sato, one of the most famous ex-sisters of all time.

presenter, who left Record and now works at Grupo Globohe did not fail to ask a few questions about Laís’ imprisonment, including citing some controversies, one of which It involves one of the first brothers to get out of this case.

Did you or did you not call Rodrigo “I don’t care!” asked Sabrina, laughing. , answered the doctor, without letting her good mood aside. As soon as Rodrigo left the house, A love story began with Gustavo Marsengo.

lingerie gift

Sabrina also poses another crucial question to Laís, this time about the affair she and Gustavo had indoors. The new Globoplay ambassador asked, “Lais, did you or did you leave your underwear to Gustavo?” “I didn’t,” replied Laiss, still laughing.

The question came about because, shortly before the start of the week wall, he asked his game partner for a pair of underwear, so he could remember them if he was chosen to leave the show.

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