June 23, 2024

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Lucy Alves offers a clear winger and spoils Liwa's surprise TV News

Lucy Alves offers a clear winger and spoils Liwa’s surprise TV News

If there was any doubt that Lucy Alves was a lioness masked singerIt dissipated as soon as the masquerade party went up on stage end of this sunday (24). The character sang a mix of Luar do Sertão with No Rancho Fundo, but what really caught the attention was the fact that she has an accordion but her hands. Immediately, the mystery was killed by the Paraiba woman who was within the imagination.

Even Lieutenant Colonel Ivete Sangalo could not hide the clarity of the situation. He said, “It gives spoilers.” Then the jurors also guessed what was actually on the face.

“When I held the accordion, I said, ‘I held it right.'” Someone crossed my mind. It sounds cliched, but I did a soap opera with it,” fired Rodrigo Lombardi, referring to Filho Chico (2016).

It was up to Tatá Werneck, who had a vision with the artist while in the shower, to announce the name: Lucy Alves. “The accordion sanctified the vision. When he arrived, it was most evident in the last programme,” emphasized Taís Araujo.

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Lucy handed her identity with the accordion

In social networks, Internet users also confirmed that the presence of the accordion spoiled the mystery. “With the accordion, it became very clear that Leon was Lucy Alves,” Marie stated. “I got it Lucy Alves as Lewa because she played the accordion,” Oliver said.

“I took [para descobrir]. I had to give up! Lucy joked with the judges that, after revealing your mask, you didn’t get it right. “This stage has endless possibilities. I said, ‘I’m going to do everything I’ve never done.’ I’m leaving here differently, another artist. What is this production? I’ve never seen a job this luxurious.”

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