July 20, 2024

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Marquez laments initial mechanical problem in US: “Success is possible”

Marquez laments initial mechanical problem in US: “Success is possible”

Spaniard Mark Marquez made a great comeback in the MotoGP GB of the US last Sunday, ending problems with his Honda at the start and dropping from ninth to last. He made the fastest loops during the race and recovered as best he could, but in the end he could not do better than sixth.

Marquez, who has won seven races in the Circuit of the Americas, regretted the matter after the race.

“On the one hand, I was disappointed because we had the speed. I was able to enjoy the race a lot, came from behind, but 25 points was possible,” Marquez confirmed.

“We had a technical problem. Honda is investigating, but they already more or less know what it is. I’ve seen the warning light on the dashboard since I got to the stage. I tried to start, but the bike was crazy, I thought it was something big because it’s power up to the first corner. No.

“I checked it and said, ‘Did I put the bit limiter?’ But no.There was an alarm for the whole race, but fortunately after the first corner, when the starting devices were disconnected, the bike ran more or less well because it was not right, something still went wrong, but it worked fine. We started another race.

“I knew it was impossible to run 100% on every lap, but I gave it all up and when there were 5/6 laps my body tried to finish the race by saying ‘OK, that’s it’.”

“However, I was able to run at a good pace. Okay, the result was not what we expected, how we started, where we were in the first corner, how we ended up, how we developed our confidence.

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“My goal is to build confidence and try to avoid accidents all weekend – because the doctor told me that everything was fixed in my eye, but I’m afraid about my health, that was the latest impact three weeks ago. So I tried to drive in a good way, that’s the most important thing. .