July 23, 2024

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Mauro Cid began testifying for the PF after the discovery of the new jewel in America |  principle

Mauro Cid began testifying for the PF after the discovery of the new jewel in America | principle

The PF made the statement after investigations conducted in the United States revealed a new piece of jewelry illegally traded in the country by Bolsonaro’s associates.

Mauro Cid was one of Bolsonaro’s main confidants during his presidency. He reached a plea deal with authorities to tell what he knew about possible crimes in exchange for a reduced sentence.

An investigation is underway at the PF into whether Bolsonaro and his associates improperly acquired jewels gifted to the Brazilian government by the Saudi Arabian government during the previous government.

Under Brazilian rules, this type of gift must be added to the state’s collection. But the police have evidence that the jewels worth several million dollars were traded in the US.

A few weeks ago, a yet unknown gem entered the PF radar. The discovery was made during a joint investigation with the FBI.

At a breakfast with journalists last week, PF Director General Andrey Rodriguez addressed the topic.

“It is found that the new material has been sold or attempted to be sold abroad. Technically it has the power to strengthen the investigation. From the seizure at the airport to today. It is expected to conclude in June. [o inquérito da joia]”, announced Andre.

He also reported that the jewelery investigation should be completed by this June.

Mauro Cid’s father, General Mauro Lourena, is expected to make a statement this Tuesday. In his case, it would be an online testimony.

The pieces included a jewelry kit containing a white gold Rolex watch, a ring, cufflinks and an Islamic rosary given to Bolsonaro.

Kit with white gold jewelry illegally traded by Bolsonaro’s advisers in the US – Photo: PF/Reproduction

A necklace belonging to a women’s jewelry kit given to the Bolsonaro government by Saudi Arabia — Photo: Reproduction/Fantástico