July 20, 2024

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Netizens were amazed by Gustavo’s speech about Hitler at BBB22

Netizens were amazed by Gustavo’s speech about Hitler at BBB22

ruined Gustavo Annoyed netizens with a speech about Adolf Hitler On Monday morning (11). brother BBB22 Quoting the Nazi dictator and leader when proposing a “strategy” against the competitors of the fourth lollipop.

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Gustavo You came up with the idea of ​​sleeping in Lollipop while having a conversation with her Paulo Andre And Pedro Scooby. The surfer joked: “Raise your voice, we have taken control of the area…”. This is because almost all of the fourth members have been eliminated, just need EliezerAnd

Advertising should act as a catalyst for Gustavowhich then launched:

“When Hitler took Paris, didn’t he sleep in Paris?”

right on time, deprivation I was shocked by the comment: “What a madness, what a comparison!”. Then the brother tried to return: “F*ck, he was bad. I never wanted to compare myself to him… but I mean, when you win wars, don’t you sleep in enemy territory? Put the flag there?”.

Watch netizens’ reaction to the speech:

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One netizen even remembered the time a file was “Big Brother Portugal” co-expelled Helder Teixeira To reproduce the Nazi salute several times inside the house, as well as say sexist and homophobic phrases throughout reality.

BBB22 POLL: Paulo Andre, Natalia and Gustavo, who should be left out?

It’s time to vote! The The formation of the fourteenth wall from BBB22held this Sunday (10), subtract Paulo Andre, Natalia and Gustavo At risk of becoming the new person to be excluded from the program, next Tuesday (12). Now, Brick is counting on the public’s support for one of them to not become the next former BBB of this edition.

Who do you think will leave the most guarded house in Brazil? Take part in our poll!

* Remember that this survey is partial and has nothing to do with BBB22’s progress.

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