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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Archbishop Leonard P. Blair, sporting a crisp white apron, takes meal orders from women seated at a table in the main dining room at St. Joseph’s Residence in Enfield, where he and more than a dozen other priests served dinner in honor of the feast of St. Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, on March 19.

The women who are visible are Marion Cunningham, at left; Pauline Jahn; Thelma Lawson, with hand raised; and Priscilla Chilone at right. 

Residents wore red in honor of St. Joseph, patron of the Little Sisters of the Poor who operate the facility. See full gallery at

Before the meal, Archbishop Blair was the principal celebrant of a Mass in the residence’s chapel. In his homily, before which he commended the Little Sisters of the Poor for their service, he reminded those who filled the chapel that although Saint Joseph is silent in the pages of Scripture, he speaks eloquently about faith and our need to “hope against hope and trust in God for all things.”

Archbishop Blair described Saint Joseph as a man of faith with great humility, fidelity, simplicity and modesty.

Priests from nine local parishes helped serve the meal. The priests on hand were Father Jeffrey V. Romans, the archbishop’s secretary and assistant chancellor of the archdiocese; and Fathers Alphonso Fontana; John Gwozdz; Francis Kerwan; Lech Kuna; Alvin LeBlanc; John Melnick; Joseph Moonnanappallil; Robert O’Grady; Emilio Padelli;. Robert Rousseau; Julian Szumilo; and Earl Herbert.