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Thursday, June 21, 2018

laural-trash-1-webRachel Landlock models gown designed by Anaka Mastrianni and made from Christmas cards.

MILFORD – Rachel Landock, a senior at Lauralton Hall in Milford, vamped in a dress made out of recycled Christmas cards that senior Anaka Mastrianni designed and that took the First Place Overall award in the school’s ninth annual Eco-Fashion Show, Trash the Runway, in May. 

 The school’s Environmental Club annually showcases innovative outfits that turn trash into treasure at its most popular activity. The show aims to promote sustainable living and good stewardship of the earth.

Models paraded the runway in dresses, gowns and skirts made out of candy wrappers, potato chip bags, cereal boxes, newspapers, yogurt containers and, of course, duct tape.

Returning this year was a collaboration with Village Vogue Boutique, which incorporated some of the store’s vintage items.

“In a fun-filled, high-energy manner, the designers and models send a strong message: ‘What you are throwing away is not trash at all. Just look what I did with your so-called trash. Look at how really beautiful it is. Look at the shape and form it can take,’” said Donna DiMassa, club moderator.

“The models and designers want us not only to reduce, reuse and recycle; they want us to reconfigure our thought processes so that we do not mindlessly toss stuff in the trash.”

The show was narrated by club officers who  both explained details of the outfits and materials used, and presented an environmental fact that each model provided.

Senior Aubrey Lowe, club vice president, wore a dress made out of an old beach umbrella. Her fact was that 150,000 tons of plastic garbage go into the ocean each year, causing the death of many sea animals which mistake the garbage for food.

Lianne Bisch took the Best Junior Outfit award in a dress that was made out of several plastic bags that were gathered together to make ruffles.

“The fashion show is always a fun time and a great experience, especially being able to see everyone's creativity in the outfits and how they are made,” said Miss Bisch. “It makes you realize how everyday objects can be transformed and how we can transform to do good things for the environment.”

The following is the full list of winners:

Best Freshman Outfit: Lily DiDomenico, dress designed from store shopping bags; Best Sophomore Outfit: Aigneis Frey (designer) and Tori Stapleton  (model), dress designed from recycled Lilly Pulitzer clothing; Best Junior Outfit: Lianne Bisch, gown designed from plastic bags; Best Senior Outfit: Brenna Oricoli, dress modeled after Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior dress from the Oscars, created from garbage bags and duct tape; First Place Overall: Anaka Mastrianni  (designer) and Rachel Landock  (model),  dress made from old Christmas cards;

Also, Most Interesting Material: Meghan Warren, dress constructed from yogurt cups and lids; Most Avant Garde: Emma McCarthy, gown designed from an old tablecloth; Most Wearable: Shannon Hargitt, dress made from two Lauralton choir dresses; Best Runway Presence: Maddy Beem and Caroline Kane,  outfits from a  Goodwill store modeled after Gossip Girl.