Catholic Transcript Magazine of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hartford Connecticut

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pope Francis’ encyclical, "Laudato Si, on Care for Our Common Home," was released June 18. The sweeping encyclical focuses on human responsibility for climate change and urges quick action to combat environmental degradation.

Archbishop Leonard P. Blair released the following statement regarding the encyclical:

“In his Encyclical Letter Laudato si, Pope Francis has issued a timely challenge and warning that care not only of the environment, but also of the human person, is urgently required if we and future generations are to inhabit a world where we and all creatures can live and flourish.

"Building on papal teaching of the last half century, Pope Francis underscores the spiritual and moral dimensions of all the many forms of degradation that afflict our planet and society, especially the poor.

"Pope Francis’ Encyclical is a message to be taken seriously for the formation of our consciences and for our actions, whatever the discussion may be regarding causes or remedies for our global problems."